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THT 64

Known as:THT 64; B 64; Bleistiftnummer 3345
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Editor:Hannes A. Fellner


Main find spot:Shorchuk
Expedition code:T III Š 80.29
Collection:Berlin Turfan Collection

Language and Script

Linguistic stage:classical

Text contents

Title of the work:Udānālaṅkāra
Passage:uncertain, strophes 64-76.
Text genre:Literary
Text subgenre:Doctrine


Manuscript:Udānālaṅkāra B
Material: ink on paper
Size (h × w):16 × 18 cm
Number of lines:8



a1/// ṣṣi[¯] [¯]m la kle nta : mā ñi kca ṣa¯ ¯ñä śā mna wa ste
a2/// sr[e] ppe cai ṣa meṃ : kuse ṣa¯ ¯ñä śā mna ne ñke prā
a3/// – 5 kuse tne wai pe cce cci śa te ño no lmi : tu
a4/// m(·) ce¯ ¯u la reṃ wai pe cce 60 6 tu sa ṣpo lypwā nai śai
a5/// – m[ā] su ntā lye ka śco ṣa ña¯ ¯ñmä pa llā ta r 60 7 kuce ṣno
a6/// ksa lle¯ ¯k ñke ñi mla ṅkṣa lle ne saṃ : ṣa ña¯ ¯ñmä pla ṅse ma¯ ¯r
a7/// – kuse cwi o mpa lśko ññe kuse wa¯ ¯t ai śa mñe : kle śa nma na
a8/// : ko sno cwi pa lsko ne tsmā nta¯ ¯r kre ntau na : to¯ ¯tpa po
b1/// – – tka ra cme la mā po yśi pa lā te : kuce ṣno e mpa rkre ce¯ ¯u cme
b2/// nta pa¯ ¯st śe śśa mo rmeṃ : po ne ñi¯ ¯ś te mtsa mai po ne sru kā
b3/// – ·[au] pā ntsa tu ksa krui ne sa lle ṣai tne : to¯ ¯t ñi¯ ¯ś te te mu
b4/// c[m]e la sa : cme lñe srū ka lñe sa tā kaṃ so so yu : pa
b5/// yso mo kre ntau na : po ṣpo yä rpo nta ka krau pau
b6/// s̝s̝aṃ 70 5 ceṃ śa kwi klau tkeṃ tsa spā rtaṃ ṣa mā
b7/// ī ke 70 6 || dha rma so ma ññe u dā
b8/// [sa] śpa lmeṃ plā skaṃ ṣe me ṣṣe me ka rtsau ñe


64a /// ; (lkā)ṣṣim läklenta :
64b ñi kca ṣañ śāmna ; waste a2
65a /// ; sreppe cai ṣameṃ :
65bkuse ṣañ śāmnane ñke ; prā a3
65d11σ /// (60-)5
66akuse tne waipeccecci ; śateñ onolmi :
66btu a410σ
66d /// ceu ; lareṃ waipecce 60-6
67atusa ṣp olypw= ānaiśai ; a5
67c11σ /// (:)
67d su nt= ālyekäśco ; ṣañ-añm pällātär 60-7
68akuce no a6n2
68c /// ks= allek ñke ñi ; «m/p»läṅkṣalle nesäṃ :
68dṣañ-añm pläṅsemar a7
69b11σ /// (:)
69ckuse cwi ompalśkoññe ; kuse wat aiśamñe :
69dkleśanma na a8
70b11σ /// :
70ckos no cwi palskone ; tsmāntär krentauna :
70dtot ṣpä po b1
71b11σ /// (:)
71c(to)tka ra cmela ; poyśi palāte :
71dkuce no emparkre ceu ; cme b2
72c /// nta ; päst śeśśamormeṃ :
72dpone ñiś temtsamai ; pone srukāb3(wa) (70-2)
73b11σ /// (:)
73c ·aupāntsa tu ksa krui ; nesalle ṣai tne :
73dtot ñiś tetemu b4
74b /// cmelasa :
74ccmelñe srūkalñesa ; tākaṃ sosoyu :
74d b510σ
75a /// ; ysomo krentauna :
75bpo po yärponta ka;kraupau b6n3n4
75d10σ /// ṣṣäṃ 70-5
76aceṃ śakwi klautkeṃtsa ; spārtaṃ ṣamāb7(ne) (:)
76d /// īke 70-6
dharmasomäññe udā
b8/// sa śpalmeṃ plāskaṃ ṣeme ṣṣeme kärtsauñe


a1.... I (saw) suffering. For me nowhere the kinsmen (were) shelter (and refuge)
a2.... these are sitting indifferently(?). Whoever among the kinsmen are now worried
a3[65d] Whoever [are] here wealthy rich creatures, (they) [are] there(by)
a4... such ones love possession. [66d] And therefore even more carefully
a5... No-one praises himself before the others, then. [67d] Let alone ....
a6... (When) there is (not) anything else to be sold by me, [then] I sell myself
a7... Whatever this one’s meditation or whatever [this one’s] insight [may be], the kleśas (will destroy for him)
a8... For however long, however, the virtues increase in this one’s mind, so long also all
b1.... Not even in the least did the Omniscient praise the births, let alone at length such birth
b2.... with [the] exception (of all hell-places) I have been born in every one, dies in every one
b3.... if anything had been here. So often [have] I [been] born
b4.... through the births. With being born and dying he will be satiated.
b5.... the virtues altogether. And everyone, who has gathered all merits
b6.... [75d] If a monk behaves according to these twelve ways
b7.... (he reaches the Nirvāṇa-(?))place. [76d] In Dharmasoma’s Udānālaṅkāra
b8.... if therefore he thinks each good deed to be the best,


a5Niemand eben preist sich selbst vor den anderen. (Schmidt 1974: 317)
a6(Wenn) von mir jetzt (nichts) anderes zu verkaufen ist, [so] verkaufe ich mich selbst ... (Schmidt 1974: 315)


Philological commentary

On the verso side this leaf fragment contains the beginning of a colophon in b7; before this, it contains strophes 64-76 in a 4x11-syllable-metre (rhythm = 6/5 or 5/6). The metre in b8 cannot be determined with any certainty. There is no hint that would allow an allocation to any specific varga, and the translation must be regarded as an attempt only.
n1The virāma is missing on the m of ṣṣim.
n2According to Sieg and Siegling 1983: 92 fn. 6 the reading mläṅkṣalle should be corrected to pläṅkṣalle in the transcription.
n3Emendation according to Sieg and Siegling 1983: 92 fn. 8.
n4Emendation according to Sieg and Siegling 1983: 93 fn. 1.


Torn-off right side, about 1/3 of a leaf.

Alternative linguistic/paleographic classifications

Tamai 2011C2
Tamai 2011C14


Online access



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