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Meaning:“near (by)”
Word class:uninflected
Word subclass:adverb
Lexeme variants:ysape; ispe; ysäpe; isäpe

Lexeme family

  • spe
    • ysape



1IOL Toch 86 a1(ati)a1yaisa • poyśiṃ pañäktaysapekents(a) /// a2…pne
2PK AS 13B b2sā keṃ-ñäkte nmeträ paineys(ape)śle pä b3(lskotstsa)
3PK AS 13F a2śāmasta : ñiś waysap(e)mäskīmar-c k· a3///
4PK AS 14.2 a7– m no prutkaṣṣäṃysapekal·a /// b1///
5PK AS 17B a1a1ṣ(e)kysapetakā-ne paspā(r)t(au) se anaiśai :
6PK AS 17C b1ys(a)p(e)lyām(ate-ne) – – –
7THT 78 a3täṅwaṃñeñ-cä ot«†ä» ṅke ñiśysapeykāk källāt«†ä» ॥ om
8THT 1507 b3b3/// l·i mākaysapekraupānte ne – – ·n·


1SI P 2 b2ra lauke ; attsaikispetañ ; somotkñe •
2THT 351 a4/// ya mā prekṣtañispe/// a5meṅkīttse ///
3THT 1451.c a1a1///ispe– /// a2///


1PK AS 12D b2ysäpelareṃ pestä k(ā)l(a)ṃ-ñ •
2THT 119 b3srukalye prek(e) /// (a)b3räñcysäpekektseñṣe indri cpi kuse


1IOL Toch 193 b1rma rko 4 ॥isäpetsi – – – /// (e)b2rsna
2THT 255 a3mā säk kälṣäṃ ;isäpe