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Meaning:“to go out, emerge”
Word class:tense_stem
Equivalent in TA:länt-
Lexeme variants:lateṃ
Root character:non-a-character
Internal root vowel:vowel-schwa
Stem class:6


Lexeme family



1IOL Toch 1094 b2/// b2///lateṃṣitaiṃ ॥ om no
2Kizil WD-I-a4 a1y(a)maskemane ysāre(ṣ)e(ṃ) kapyāres ṣarwaiṃlateṃoroce kemesa awaṃntaña 1
3PK AS 16.2 a6koṭanmasa a6warttonelateṃ
4PK DA M 507.39 and .43 b2caka(nma) /// /// ākalateṃcakanma śwārka
5PK DA M 507.41 a9towä tarya 3 ākalateṃcakanma pi(ś) /// a10
6PK DA M 507.41 a10towä wi 2 ākalateṃca(kanma) /// a11ysāre
7PK DA M 507.41 a9towä tarya 3 ākalateṃcakanma pi(ś) /// a10
8PK DA M 507.41 a10towä wi 2 ākalateṃca(kanma) /// a11ysāre
9SI P 136.b a3tow«†ä» 8 a3āka(la)teṃcakaṃnma – tow«†ä» –
10SI P 136.b a54 ÷ a5kuśānilateṃsaṅkaṃtse – – – 2-100-90 kalāśi
11SI P 136.b b55 b5kṣudrä ākalateṃcakaṃnma – – towä (6)
12SI P 136.b b6 (6) b6kṣudrä kuśānilateṃ॥ akas yk(e)ne kapyāri
13SI P 139.g a42 ¤a4kuśānilateṃ1000-7-100-50 ṣälype mutkantsi 40-7
14THT 3 b8lateṃost(m)eṃ snai(tsñ)e :
15THT 81 b2(lateṃ)brāhmaṇi :
16THT 85 b2 uttareṃ mñ(cu)ṣkeṃ antapi pokainesa yä(rt)t(amane) – – – – – – kercīyeṃnmeṃ parna(lateṃ)
17THT 392 b2t· /// b2///late(ṃ)(kä)ryorttañc ॥ om no
18THT 517 b2rām saṅkrāmne yopsa •lateṃpo /// b3///
19THT 589 a4/// ·w·lateṃpoñcä ॥ tumeṃ ṣuk
20THT 629 a7– /// a7///lateṃpo /// b1///
21THT 1114 a1aṣāṃ cai tane ostameṃlateṃ– /// /// (yo)l(ai)na