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PK DA M 507.41

Known as:PK DA M 507.41; PK Cp 41
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Editor:Adrian Musitz


Collection:Bibliothèque nationale de France, fonds Pelliot Koutchéen (Paris)

Language and Script


Text contents

Text genre:Non-literary
Text subgenre:Account


Material: on paper
Number of lines:21


a1me ñe ṣka ste «†sa» «†ṅka» «ṣka¯» «¯s» «me» «ña» ntse meṃ ma nte sa ///
a2ysā re lai¯ ¯ś ca ka nma ta rya 3 to wä [ṣ] ///
a3sa nai me ñe ā ra blank ke rca pi śke [ly]· – ///
a4me ñe ṣu kta nte sa ṅka ntse śe śu ya¯ ¯p lai¯ ¯ś cā[¯] [¯k] ///
a5cā¯ ¯k to wä ñu 9 ma ṅkā ra ā ra śā tre | ñwe ma – ///
a6o¯ ¯k 8 me ñe ā ra blank tsa ñi ke [rca] ///
a7me ñe o kta nte sa ṅka tse śe śu sa ṅka tse śe śu ///
a8ke rca pi śke ntsa ka pci [krā] ktsa ci tra swi ñi wā ltsa ///
a9ya¯ ¯p la¯ ¯ś to wä ta rya 3 ā ka la teṃ ca ka nma p[i] – ///
a10ya¯ ¯p la¯ ¯ś ca ka nma wi 2 to wä wi 2 ā ka la teṃ ca ///
a11ysā re lai¯ ¯ś ca ka nma ṣu¯ ¯k 7 to wä ñu 9 ya¯ ¯p la¯ ¯ś
b1/// [s]a me ña ntse meṃ ma nte sa ṅka ntse śe śu ma ṅkā ra
b2/// ·[u] ka 7 la
b3/// [ly]· kśye llai¯ ¯ś «†[cā¯]» «†[¯k]» ca ka nma wi tau «†wäṃ» «†ñu» «sa» «nai» «1»
b4/// [wi] ke rca pi śke lyā ka se ka pci
b5/// [ā] ktsa ca lyī ñi wā ltsa se ka pci
b6/// to wäṃ śwā ra 4
b7/// [l]· kśye lai¯ ¯ś cā¯ ¯k 1 to wäṃ ñu 9
b8/// k· rca pi śke lyā ka se ka pci
b9/// [ktsa] ci tra swi ñi wā ltsa se ka pci
b10/// [to] wäṃ ṣka¯ ¯s 6


a1meñe ṣkaste ṣkas meñantsemeṃ mante sa(ṅkantse) ///
a2ysāre laiś cakanma tarya 3 towä ṣ(uk) ///
a3sanai meñe āra kercapiśke ly(āka) ///
a4meñe ṣuktante saṅkantse śeśu yap laiś cāk ///
a5cāk towä ñu 9 maṅkāra āra śātreñwema(ṣṣe) ///
a6ok 8 meñe āra tsañi n1 kerca(piśke)n2 n3 ///
a7meñe oktante saṅkatse śeśu saṅkatse śeśu ///
a8kercapiśkents«a/e» kapci krāktsa citraswiñi wāltsa ///
a9yap laś towä tarya 3 āka lateṃ cakanma pi(ś) ///
a10yap laś cakanma wi 2 towä wi 2 āka lateṃ ca(kanma) ///
a11ysāre laiś cakanma ṣuk 7 towä ñu 9 yap laś ///
b1/// (ṣka)s«†ä» meñantsemeṃ mante saṅkantse śeśu maṅkāra
b2/// (ṣ)uk«†ä»n4 7 la
b3/// ly(e)kśye llaiś cakanma wi tau n5 sanai 1
b4/// wi kercapiśke lyāka se kapci
b5/// (kr)āktsa calyīñi wāltsa se kapci
b6/// towäṃ śwāra 4
b7/// l(ye)kśye laiś cāk 1 towäṃ ñu 9
b8/// k(e)rcapiśke lyāka se kapci
b9/// (krā)ktsa citraswiñi wāltsa se kapci
b10/// towäṃ ṣkas 6


a1Sixth month, from day of the month six onward, ... by the saṅgha...
a2Wheat was spent: three piculs 3, seven pecks ...
a3...one. The month has ended. Kercapiśke saw it. ...
a4Seventh month, barley eaten by the saṅgha was spent: a picul, ...
a5... a picul, nine 9 pecks. The old grain ran out. Grain | The new...
a6... eight 8. The month has ended. The tsañi Kercapiśke...
a7Eighth month, eaten by the saṅgha ...
a8Kercapiśke's finger-measure. Citraswiñi the krāktsa ground...
a9Bsrley was spent: three pecks 3. āka-millet went out: five piculs...
a10Barley was spent: two 2 piculs, two 2 pecks. āka-millet was spent: ... piculs.
a11Wheat was spent: seven 7 piculs, nine 9 pecks. Barley was spent...
b1... from day of the month six onwards, old grain eaten by the saṅgha...
b2...seven 7.
b3...lyekśiye-millet was spent: two piculs, one 1 peck.
b4...two. Kercapiśke saw it. This (is his) finger-measure.
b5...the krāktsa calyīñi ground. This (is her) finger measure.
b6...four 4 pecks.
b7...lyekśiye-millet was spent: a picul 1, nine 9 pecks.
b8...Kercapiśke saw it. This (is his) finger-measure.
b9...Citraswini the krāktsa ground. This (is her) finger-measure.
b10... six 6 pecks.


a7八月,僧食僧食 /// (此为衍文) (Ching 2017: 370)
a8Kercapiśke 的画指。 Krāktsa Citraswiñi 碾磨了/// (Ching 2017: 370)
b3/// [lyekśiye] 知出了一石二石壹斗。 (Ching 2017: 370)
b4/// [二]......Kercapiśke见到了。这(是)画指。 (Ching 2017: 370)
b5/// [Krāktsa]Calyīñi 碾磨了。这(是)画指。 (Ching 2017: 370)
b6/// 肆斗。 (Ching 2017: 370)
b7/// [lyekśiye]支出了壹石玖斗。 (Ching 2017: 370)
b8/// Kercapiśke 见到了。这(是)画指。 (Ching 2017: 370)
b9/// [Krāktsa] Citraswiñi 碾磨了。这(是)画指。 (Ching 2017: 370)


Philological commentary

Recto and verso are once again written in a different ductus. The recto has 'r's in an L-shape, the 'r's on the verso are more like those in Berlin. Also, the two dots marking the weak vowel 'ä' are different.
n1Ching wrongly transliterates sa ñi here, but we most definitely have a shoddily written tsa, although the upper part is a bit smushed together.
n2The 'r' is very clearly visible, the 'c' is slightly obscured by ink from the verso, but it is also visible. Not with Ching 'cā'.
n3This is an important passage. If it weren't for it, we would not be able to say much about the functions the tsañi fulfills. Since we now know Kercapiśke, who leaves his finger-measure in the documents of PK DA M 507 constantly, was a Tsañi we can say with certainty that the Tsañi is a layman who works for the monastery and fulfills administrative functions which often overlap with those of a regular kapyāre, often times taking commodities into and from the monastery himself (cf. PK DA M 507.20 a7, PK DA M 507.34 a26). Even more interestingly, if Ching 2017: 91 is correct in connecting 处半白吉招失鸡 in PK DA M 507.31 with Kercapiśke, then it is very likely that TB tsañi is the equivalent of Chinese 处半, for which cf. THT 1519 a3, a document written in TA which has a form [co]ppāṃ..
n4The 'KA' here looks very close to the 'KA' in the lettres commerciales.
n5The two dots for the 'wä' very much look rather peculiar. They look like bowls.



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