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Meaning:“dear, beloved”
Word class:adjective
Lexeme variants:larona
Case:nominative; accusative


sg.m sg.f pl.m pl.f du.m du.f
nom lāre lariya lareñ larona
voc lareñ
acc lareṃ, lāre lariya larenäṃ larona
gen larepi
loc lareṃne
comit larempa
abl larenmeṃ lareṃnmeṃ
all laryaiśc

Lexeme family



1Kz-213-ZS-L-10 a2a2paiyka • makalaronayke(nta) /// a3sruka
2M 500.1 a4poyśintaṃts ; śaulanmasa ;larona; käryoṣ śpālmeṃ :
3PK AS 4B a1(poyśin)ta(ṃ)ts ; śaulanmasa ;larona; käryoṣ śpālme(ṃ) :
4PK AS 7N a3a3cañcaronalaronawäntarwampa eṣe känmasträ :
5THT 4 a1(po)(larona)(wänta)rwaṃts ; tsrelñe āke
6THT 45 b5cmelṣeṃts ; sompasträ ;laronaśaulanma 30-7
7THT 46 b4laronawaipeccenta ; ṣañ śamñāṣ··
8THT 408 b3/// śaulanmas(a)l(a)r(o)napo b4ailñenta po
9THT 576 b4kwoyentär se no ksalaronaś(n) o /// b5
10THT 1122 b4• yetse yab4(sar) ///(la)ronacäñcarona wäntarwa po rints{e/a}te
11THT 1270 b1mau ka lyñ· 7laronaplā /// b2///
12THT 2377.h b2/// b2/// – –laronacmelane /// b3///