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Work in progress

PK DA M 507.27

Known as:PK DA M 507.27; PK Cp 27
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Editor:Adrian Musitz


Collection:Bibliothèque nationale de France, fonds Pelliot Koutchéen (Paris)

Language and Script


Text contents

Text genre:Non-literary
Text subgenre:Account


Material: on paper
Number of lines:23


a1pi¯ ¯ś kṣuṃ ntsa n[ai] ///
a2nma 10 6
a3ceṃ śi ktā lye [k]a ta si ///
a4pu tte yā ne milā rtse ṣai ///
a5śa kwi ne ci tra swi ///
a610-3 «†mña» ne ci tra ///
a7śa¯ ¯k śwe¯ ¯r rne ā ri te ///
a8śa ko¯ ¯k ne la rai yśe ya¯ ¯p ///
a9ś«†ṣk»a ṣka¯ ¯¯s ne ce sa ṅka ntse ///
a10me ñe wa te wi me ña ntse ne – ///
a11me ñe wa te śa¯ ¯k me ña ntse n[e] ///
a12ca lyī ñi wā ltsa ///
a13śa kṣe ne ka pyā re¯ ¯s śwa [s]i ///
a14śa¯ ¯k śwe rne wä rwe ssa [k]· ///
a15śa kñu ne sa ṅkrā mne śwa ṣṣ· ///
a16me ñe śta rte pi¯ ¯ś me [ñ]· – – ///
a17wä pi¯ ¯ś 5
a18śa¯ ¯k me ña ntse ne sa ///
a19i kaṃ ñu ne mo koṃ su· [l]·[i]
b1se ya¯ ¯p ///
b2wa te ṣu¯ ¯k me ña ntse ne ko rai śke ma ///
b3o kta śe ko mne wa ltsā wa [s]· ///
b4/// ya p


a1 piś kṣuṃntsa nai(mañe) /// (caka)-
a2 -nma 10-6
a3 ceṃ śiktālye katasi ///
a4 putteyāne milārtse ṣai ///
a5 śak wine citraswi(ñi) ///
a6 10-3 ne citra… ///
a7 śak śwerrne ārite… ///
a8 śak okne laraiyśe yap ///
a9 śaṣkas-ne ce saṅkantse ///
a10 meñe wate wi meñantsene – ///
a11 meñe wate śak meñantsene ///
a12 calyīñi wāltsa ///
a13 śak ṣene kapyāres śwasi(ṣṣe) (yap) ///
a14 śak śwerne wärwessak(e)n1 ///
a15 śak ñune saṅkrāmne śwa«si»ṣṣ(e) ///
a16 meñe śtarte piś meñ(antsene) ///
a17 …wä piś 5 ///
a18 śak meñantsene sa ///
a19 ikäṃ ñune mokoṃ su(k)l(y)i(ke) ///
b1 se yap ///
b2 wate ṣuk meñantsene koraiśke ma ///
b3 oktaśe komne waltsāwa ///
b4 /// yap


a1 In regnal year five, first month ///
a2 16 (piculs)
a3 To sow this seed... ///
a4 Putteyāne was wounded. ///
a5 On day twelve, Citraswiñi... ///
a6 On day 13, Citra-... ///
a7 On day fourteen, *ārite...
a8 On day eighteen, Laraiyśe... barley ... ///
a9 On day sixteen, ... of/to this saṅgha ... ///
a10 Second month, on day of the month two... ///
a11 Second month, on day of the month ten... ///
a12 Calyīñi ground... ///
a13 On day eleven, the barley for the consumption of the kapyāri... ///
a14 On day fourteen, Wärwessake... ///
a15 On day nineteen, ... for the consumption in the monastery ... ///
a16 Fourth month, on day of the month five. ///
a17 ... five (pecks) 5.
a18 On day of the month ten, ... ///
a19 On day of the month twenty nine, Suklyike the Moko... ///
b1 This (is the) barley.
b2 Second (month), on day of the month seven, Koraiśke... ///
b3 On the celebration of the eighth day, I ground ... ///
b4 /// barley.


b2 二月七日,Koraiśke....../// (Ching 2017: 235)
b3 Oktaśke* 日当天,我碾磨了,....../// (Ching 2017: 235)


Philological commentary

n1 Is this the same form as wärweśakke in PK DA M 507.35 a33?



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