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IOL Toch 280

Known as:IOL Toch 280; H 150.124; D.124
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Editor:Michaël Peyrot


Main find spot:Unknown
Collection:British Library (London)

Language and Script

Linguistic stage:classical

Text contents

Text genre:Literary
Text subgenre:Jātaka/Avadāna


Material: ink on paper
Number of lines:6


Images from idp.bl.uk by courtesy of the International Dunhuang Project and the British Library.


a1pe ṅke [m]pa ta se ma ne la kle – ///
a2ko rma [m]ñe • tu meṃ no cai ka rū ///
a3k· re a ñmā la ṣlñe • a te ///
a4– na ya ma lñe nta m[eṃ] sā ///
a5[w]n· lmeṃ ·sṣa· [m]ts· cme la ne ·[e] ///
a6/// ·[u] ce wä ntre ne || gu ///
b1ā kte ke ma ske lo ///
b2lo a ñma ce saṃ s[ā]· m· – ///
b3re pa te pu wa rne yo paṃ tai ///
b4ñ· pe rne o ko ste • || ā ///
b5tu ca· [pa]ṃ sti nā stsi • cwī tu ///
b6lo yā mu ste [•] k· to tri nta r·e ///


a1peṅkempa tasemane läkle – ///
a2…ko rmamñetumeṃ no cai karū… ///
a3 re añmālaṣlñeate ///
a4na yamalñentameṃ ///
a5wn(o)lmeṃ(t)s ṣa(r)mts(a) cmelane ·e ///
a6/// ·u ce wäntrenegu… ///
b1ākteke mäskelo(na) ///
b2…lo añmace saṃsā(r)m(eṃ) – /// (e)-
b3-repate puwarne yopäṃ tai ///
b4…ñ· perne oko ste • ॥ ā… ///
b5tu ca(m)päṃ stināstsicwī tu ///
b6…lo yāmu stek(e)t ot rintar(-n)e ///


a1... comparable to bits ... sorrow ...
a2... inclination. Thereupon they compassionately (?) ...
a3... pity. Away ...
a4... from the deeds ...
a5... in the births by cause of the beings ...
a6... in this matter. || ...
b1... to become amazed ...
b2... from the saṃsāra of the self ...
b3... if he goes into the fire (with his ...?) form, so ...
b4... worth is the fruit. || ...
b5... that he can make silent. His ...
b6... (the king?) has done. To whom you leave him then ...



According to Broomhead 1962: 271 "[w]ritten in medium ductus, and slightly abraded both sides, it is the left edge of a six line manuscript".


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