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  • We would like to thank Prof. Dr. Thomas Oberlies and Pratik Rumde from the Seminar für Indologie und Tibetologie of the Georg-August-Universität Göttingen for providing our project with scans of the nachlass of Wilhelm Siegling. The nachlass includes letters to and from Siegling throughout his career that are of great importance to the history of the field of Tocharian studies. This material will be published on CEToM, accompanied by transcriptions of the letters, in the course of 2024.


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PK DA M 507.4

Known as:PK DA M 507.4; PK Cp 4
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Editor:Adrian Musitz


Collection:Bibliothèque nationale de France, fonds Pelliot Koutchéen (Paris)

Language and Script


Text contents

Text genre:Non-literary
Text subgenre:Account


Material: on paper
Number of lines:16


a1me ñe wa te śa kṣe ne ke rca – – ///
a2to wä pi¯ ¯ś 5 ///
a3śa ko kne sa ṅka ntse śwa si ///
a4i kaṃ o kne ci trau pte sa ///
a5me ñe tri te pi¯ ¯ś me ña nts· ///
a6to wä ta rya 3
a7i kaṃ ne sa ṅka ntse śwa si ṣa – [ā] ///
a8me ñe ā ra
a9me śta rte śwe¯ ¯r me ña ntse ne ///
a10śa kṣu kne sa ṅka «ntse» śwa si ///
a11i kaṃ trai yne sa ṅka ntse si ṣa na
a12me ñe [ā] – ///
a13me ñe ṅkte wi me ña ntse ne sa ṅka [nt]·
a14i kaṃ ne sa ṅka ntse śwa si ṣa – [ā] ///
a15me ñe ā ra ///
a16me ñe ṣka ste pra ti wa tne sa [ṅ]· – ///


a1 meñe wate śak ṣene kerca(piśke) ///
a2 towä piś 5 ///
a3 śak okne saṅkantse śwasi(ṣana) (āka) ///
a4 ikäṃ okne citraupte sa ///
a5 meñe trite piś meñants(ene) ///
a6 towä tarya 3 ///
a7 ikäṃne saṅkantse śwasiṣa(na) ā(ka) ///
a8 meñe āra ///
a9 me«ñe» śtarte śwer meñantsene ///
a10 śak ṣukne saṅkantse śwasi(ṣana) (āka) ///
a11 ikäṃ traiyne saṅkantse «śwa»siṣana (āka) ///
a12 meñe ā(ra) ///
a13 meñe «pi»ṅkte wi meñantsene saṅkant(se) ///
a14 ikäṃne saṅkantse śwasiṣa(na) ā(ka) ///
a15 meñe āra ///
a16 meñe ṣkaste pratiwatne saṅ(kantse) ///


a1 Second month. On day eleven, Kercapiśke... ///
a2 ... five pecks 5. ///
a3 On day eighteen, the āka-millet for the consumption of the saṅgha... ///
a4 On day twenty eight, Citraupte... ///
a5 Third month. On day of the month five... ///
a6 ... three pecks 3. ///
a7 On day twenty, āka-millet for consumption of the saṅgha... ///
a8 The month has ended. ///
a9 Fourth month. On day of the month four...///
a10 On day seventeen, āka-millet for consumption of the saṃgha... ///
a11 On day twenty three, āka-millet for consumption of the saṃgha...///
a12 The month has ended. ///
a13 Fifth month. On day of the month two, for the saṃgha... ///
a14 On day twenty, āka-millet for consumption of the saṃgha... ///
a15 The month has ended.
a16 Sixth month. On the day of the new moon...



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