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IOL Toch 23

Known as:IOL Toch 23; H 149.71; A.71
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Editor:Michaël Peyrot; Hannes A. Fellner (collaborator)


Main find spot:Unknown
Collection:British Library (London)

Language and Script

Linguistic stage:classical

Text contents

Title of the work:Daśakarmapathāvadānamālā, ch. 1: Supāraga-Avadāna
Text genre:Literary


Material: ink on paper
Size (h × w):8.3 × 12.1 cm
Number of lines:8


Images from idp.bl.uk by courtesy of the International Dunhuang Project and the British Library.


lf[100] 20 3
a3tse ///
a4tse re kwa : – – – ///
a5y·· we rmeṃ o ro tstsa na ā paṃ ///
a6·e[¯] [¯t]· w[s]e ṣṣe a ñi ye ta r[ka] rm[p]a ta se [m]· ///
a7ñke [wa] – snai wa se kl· [t]· s̝s̝aṃ ne || tu meṃ ///
a8sau ·oṃ – [lā] nta a rṣā k[l]aṃ ī me śe ś·a mu yaṃ – ///
b1(–) – (– –) g· we s̝s̝a· ·y· ·k· – t·¯ ¯mp || ā· w· ///
b2ṅke ṣte ka· me la laṃ ṣka na pai ne sa : a ñī ///
b3la ṣkeṃ pi lko sa a rṣā klaṃ pa lko rmeṃ ṣa ña ///
b4rttau kle śa nmaṃ¯ ¯ts to yte ykne sa ///
b5ysa lya māṃ ·e ·a (–) – ///
b6ste ///


a3tse ///
a4tserekwa : – – – ///
a5y(ku)wermeṃ orotstsana āpäṃ ///
a6n1 ·et· wseṣṣe añiye tarkärmpa tasem(ane) ///
a7ñke wasnai wase kl(au)t(kä)ṣṣäṃ-netumeṃ /// (mu)
a8sau (t)oṃ (ta)lānta arṣāklaṃ īme śeś(ś)amu yaṃ – ///
b1(supāra)g(e) weṣṣä(ṃ) (:) (l)y(a)k(āwa) t(o)mpā(r)w(ane) ///
b2ṅke tekä(ṃ)-me lalaṃṣkana painesa : añī(ye) /// (añmā)
b3laṣkeṃ pilkosa arṣāklaṃ pälkormeṃ ṣañ-a(ñmämpa) (weṣṣäṃ) ///
b4rttau kleśanmaṃts toy te-yknesa ///
b5ysaly= amāṃ ·e ·a – – ///
b6ste ///


a4... deceit ...
a5... having gone, great waters ...
a6... poisonous breath comparable to a cloud ...
a7... but now ... he renders them non-poisonous. || Thereupon ...
a8... has lifted up (?). He goes [towards] these miserable snakes with firm resolve. ...
b1... Supāraga says: « ... || (in) the ārwane [tune] (||) ///
b2... and if he then touches them with his tender feet, breath ...
b3... having looked at the snakes with [his] compassionate gaze, he (says with) himself:
b4... of/by the kleśas, these in this way ...
b5... discord [and] arrogance ...
b6... is ...



leaf number = 223?
According to Broomhead 1962: 197 "[w]ritten in medium ductus, and very clearly preserved, it is the left edge of [an] eight line manuscript. The number visible on the recto is '123'. Only pat of the hundred is visible." Broomhead also identifies this fragment as folios 9-10 (op.cit.).

Philological commentary

n1añiye: see Adams 2013a: 8


Online access

IDP: IOL Toch 23


Peyrot 2007: №23; Broomhead 1962: 197-198


Broomhead 1962: a3 a4 a5 a6 a7 a8 b1 b2 b3 b4 b5 b6 (197-198)


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