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PK DA M 507.4

Known as:PK DA M 507.4; PK Cp 4
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Editor:Adrian Musitz


Collection:Bibliothèque nationale de France, fonds Pelliot Koutchéen (Paris)

Language and Script


Text contents

Text genre:Non-literary
Text subgenre:Account


Material: on paper
Number of lines:16


a1me ñe wa te śa kṣe ne ke rca – – ///
a2to wä pi¯ ¯ś 5 ///
a3śa ko kne sa ṅka ntse śwa si ///
a4i kaṃ o kne ci trau pte sa ///
a5me ñe tri te pi¯ ¯ś me ña nts· ///
a6to wä ta rya 3
a7i kaṃ ne sa ṅka ntse śwa si ṣa – [ā] ///
a8me ñe ā ra
a9me śta rte śwe¯ ¯r me ña ntse ne ///
a10śa kṣu kne sa ṅka «ntse» śwa si ///
a11i kaṃ trai yne sa ṅka ntse si ṣa na
a12me ñe [ā] – ///
a13me ñe ṅkte wi me ña ntse ne sa ṅka [nt]·
a14i kaṃ ne sa ṅka ntse śwa si ṣa – [ā] ///
a15me ñe ā ra ///
a16me ñe ṣka ste pra ti wa tne sa [ṅ]· – ///


a1meñe wate śak ṣene kerca(piśke) ///
a2towä piś 5 ///
a3śak okne saṅkantse śwasi(ṣana) (āka) ///
a4ikäṃ okne citraupte sa ///
a5meñe trite piś meñants(ene) ///
a6towä tarya 3 ///
a7ikäṃne saṅkantse śwasiṣa(na) ā(ka) ///
a8meñe āra ///
a9me«ñe» śtarte śwer meñantsene ///
a10śak ṣukne saṅkantse śwasi(ṣana) (āka) ///
a11ikäṃ traiyne saṅkantse «śwa»siṣana (āka) ///
a12meñe ā(ra) ///
a13meñe «pi»ṅkte wi meñantsene saṅkant(se) ///
a14ikäṃne saṅkantse śwasiṣa(na) ā(ka) ///
a15meñe āra ///
a16meñe ṣkaste pratiwatne saṅ(kantse) ///


a1Second month. On day eleven, Kercapiśke... ///
a2... five pecks 5. ///
a3On day eighteen, the āka-millet for the consumption of the saṅgha... ///
a4On day twenty eight, Citraupte... ///
a5Third month. On day of the month five... ///
a6... three pecks 3. ///
a7On day twenty, āka-millet for consumption of the saṅgha... ///
a8The month has ended. ///
a9Fourth month. On day of the month four...///
a10On day seventeen, āka-millet for consumption of the saṃgha... ///
a11On day twenty three, āka-millet for consumption of the saṃgha...///
a12The month has ended. ///
a13Fifth month. On day of the month two, for the saṃgha... ///
a14On day twenty, āka-millet for consumption of the saṃgha... ///
a15The month has ended.
a16Sixth month. On the day of the new moon...



Ching 2010: 197-198; Pinault 0000: 4-5


Ching 2010

Ching, Chao-jung. 2010. “Secular documents in Tocharian: Buddhist economy and society in the Kucha region.” PhD, Paris: École Pratique des Hautes Études.

Pinault 0000

Pinault, Georges-Jean. 0000. “Textes économiques koutchéens.”

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