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THT 67

Known as:THT 67; B 67
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Editor:Melanie Malzahn; Hannes A. Fellner


Main find spot:Shorchuk
Expedition code:T III Š 95 Frgm
Collection:Berlin Turfan Collection

Language and Script

Linguistic stage:classical

Text contents

Title of the work:Udānālaṅkāra
Text genre:Literary
Text subgenre:Doctrine


Manuscript:Udānālaṅkāra B
Material: ink on paper
Number of lines:8


a1/// : e śne sā kwa r·i – – – ṅwā rsau me
a2/// : s· sā rṣṣe wro cce [pe] – – tsa lpmo yma¯ ¯r
a3/// ma¯ ¯r ka ttā ka ññe ṣṣeṃ : wä ssa nm[ā] rkwī na
a4/// ¯ñä [8] ma kte ri na [ṣ]·e – we rtsyai la
b5/// lle : [t]· m· i ndr[i] nta ṣṣi [t]w· [r]· pa ṣṣa llyi :
b6/// lñ· m· cwi ma rse lyi : e mpreṃ tsñe – kla
b7/// [tr]e ṅka¯ ¯l ne mce¯ ¯k – ·[ā] l(·)e [:] yai nmwa kre
b8/// yo ytra ṣa ña [ñ]¯ – – – kle śa nma


Xxa1/// :
Xxeśnesā-k war (ñ)i(ś) (päst) ; (e)ṅw= ārsau-me a2n1 (:) (ñke)
Xx/// :
Xxs(aṃ)sārṣṣe wrocce ; pe(lemeṃ) tsälp«†mo»ymar
Xx(yetweṃ) (rinaske)mar ; kattākäññeṣṣeṃ :
8dwässanm= ārkwīna a4/// ñ 8
9amäkte rinaṣ(ṣ)e(ñca) ; wertsyai lab5(ntuññe)
Xx/// lle :
Xxt(e)m(eṃ) indrintaṣṣi ; tw(e)r(i) paṣṣallyi :
Xxb6n2 /// lñ(e) ; m(ā) cwi märselyi :
Xxempreṃtsñeklä b7 ; /// treṅkäl ; nemcek (spärk)āl(l)e :
yainmwa kre-
b8-(ntaunasa)n3 /// (skā)yoyträ ṣañ añ(mantse) kleśanma


a1... Only [with] (hol)ding (back) the water in the eyes [it is that] I leave you (now) ...
a2... From the great pris(on) of the Saṃsāra I want to be released.
a3... I (give away the ornaments) of householdership, the white garments ...
a4... [8d] Like the one giving up [his] followers [and his] (royal dignity) [9a]
b5... Because of that the gates of the senses must be guarded.
b6... must not be forgotten by him. The truth (he teaches?) ...
b7... the attachment (will) certainly (disappear). (By) the virtues reached ...
b8... must strive of oneself the kleśas ...


Philological commentary

There is a great likelihood that this fragment and THT 66 belong to one and the same leaf. The 4x11-syllable-metre (rhythm = 6/5) we have already met in THT 64. Since there is only one strophe number (8) preserved in this fragment, and because of the scantiness of both fragments, recto and verso side cannot be determined with any certainty. The translation, too, is frequently in the dark. Between the fragments there appears to be a gap of about 10-12 syllables.
n1According to Sieg and Siegling 1983: 94 fn. 5 tsälpmoymar is a writing error for correct tsälpoymar.
n2Since empreṃtsñe – klä – constitutes a colon with six syllables, a form of the causative stem of ākl- ‘to teach' seems the most likely restitution.
n3Because of the accent, the only likely restoration is a gen. añ(mantse).


The original manuscript is missing, but was the remnant of the right side of a leaf, composed of two fragments and badly damaged. Probably belongs to the same leaf as THT 66.


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