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THT 2399

Known as:THT 2399
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Editor:Michaël Peyrot; Melanie Malzahn; Fanny Meunier
Date of online publication:2014-05-28


Collection:Berlin Turfan Collection

Language and Script


Text contents

Title of the work:Garbhasūtra?
Text genre:Literary


Manuscript:A 144-211
Material: ink on paper
Number of lines:6



a1/// ñi wyā kṣe ///
a2/// la su¯ ¯s̝ – ///
a3/// ·w· sā lyṣā [nt]· ///
a4/// ta myo ta m[ñ]ä ///
a5/// ka knā s̝ata [m]·e ///
a6/// [r]ṣṣāṃ mā a ryu pra – ///
b1/// tā rwka[ṃ] ṣā ma ñi – ///
b2/// – wsā lu ye t[w]e ///
b3/// ·[s]· rntwaṃ prā ka rna – ///
b4/// ·[m]·[¯] [¯]ts i [ś]va ///
b5/// ṅka¯ ¯s̝ ā ///
b6/// – lo sāṃ – ///


a1 /// ñi wyākṣe(p) ///
a2 /// (śo)lasuṣ – ///
a3 n1 /// ·w· lyṣānt· ///
a4 /// tämyo täm ñä(kci) ///
a5 n2 /// k«†ä» knāṣ-äṃ täm(n)e ///
a6 n3 /// (puttiśpa)rṣṣāṃ aryu pra(ṣtaṃ) ///
b1 /// (lyu)tār wkäṃ ṣāmañi – ///
b2 /// – wsālu yetwe(yntu) ///
b3 /// (apt)s(a)rntwaṃ prākär na(slune) ///
b4 n4 /// (wāk)m(a)ts iśva(radatte) ///
b5 /// (trä)ṅkäṣ ā(ṣānik) ///
b6 /// – lo sāṃ – ///


a1 ... distraction ...
a2 ... honourable ...
a3 ...
a4 ... therefore this ... divine ...
a5 ... (s)he spreads it. Thus ...
a6 ... of the (Buddha worth ?) ... within long ...
b1 ... very much (?) ... the monastic way ...
b2 ... garments [and] ornaments ...
b3 ... firmness among apsarases ...
b4 ... Īśvaradatta the excellent (?) ...
b5 ... says, «Honourable one, ...»
b6 ... away ... she ...



The name b4 iśva(radatte) suggests appurtenance to the manuscript A 144-211, where it is attested in A 159 a3, A 160 b1, A 161 b4, A 164 a5, b4 and THT 1150 a3.

Philological commentary

n1 : The word division is uncertain.
n2 knāṣ-äṃ: the correct interpretation of this form was given by Itkin 2011: 251, to which a reference is unfortunately lacking in Peyrot 2011: 45 (which appeared later). Pace Malzahn 2011b: 140, the form is not related to knā- 'know' (it is left with a question mark in Carling et al. 2009: 170a).
n3 (puttiśpa)rṣṣāṃ: Other restorations are also possible. Unlike in this case, would usually expect a noun to be following this adjective.
n4 (wāk)m(a)ts: Other restorations are also possible.


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