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Tumšuq 97

Known as:Tumšuq 97
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Editor:Melanie Malzahn
Date of online publication:2015-09-02


Main find spot:Unknown
Collection:National Library of China (Beijing)

Language and Script

Linguistic stage:classical
Add. linguistic characteristics:late

Text contents

Text genre:Non-literary
Text subgenre:Account


Material: ink on wood tablet
Size (h × w):4 × 18.5 cm
Number of lines:4


a1pa rwe ṣe kṣu tsa ra paṃ ñe me nne tri y[ā] ka ne ra pa tsai ya ṣi ne sa[nma] s[so] ntaṃ¯ (–) –
a2ka le mo¯ ¯t la[¯] [¯]cä o ktau | sa swe klai na[¯] [¯]ts mo¯ ¯t yā tka wi tau | sa rā tsa[ṃ]¯ ¯ts cā (·)ñu
a3tau | ta rma mi ttro rśai w[r]a tsai wi tau | – – – – – – –
a4wa te yo ka le mo¯ ¯t la cä cā¯ ¯k sa nai tau


a1n1n2n3 pärweṣe kṣutsa rapaṃñe menne triyākane rapatsai yaṣine sÄnmassontäṃ(ts) (yo)-
a2-kalen4 mot lac ok tausaswe klainats mot yātka wi tausarātsaṃts cā(k) ñu
a3tautarmamittrorśai wratsai wi tau । – – – – – – –
a4wate yokale mot lac«†ä» cāk sanai tau


a1In the first regnal year, on the thirtieth [day] of the Rāp Month [= the last month of the year], in the night [of the feast] Rāp, for the Appeasers (?)
a2alcohol for drinking went [out] [in the amount of] eight tau. | The lord ordered [to give] two tau of alcohol to the women, | [and an amount of] one cāk, nine tau to the planters, |
a3two tau towards Tarmamitrorśa (or: Tarmamitre, the Orśa) | (For ...)
a4again alcohol for drinking went [out] [in the amount of] one cāk, one tau.


Linguistic commentary

Note the depalatalization in menne.
n1kṣutsa for kṣuntsa or kṣuṃntsa probably reflects the loss of the nasal rather than a simple misspelling (Pinault and Ogihara 2010: 176f.).
n4sarātsaṃts is a gen.pl. of a nomen agentis in -ntsa sarāntsa* made from 'to plant' (Pinault and Ogihara 2010: 185).

Philological commentary

The translation follows Pinault and Ogihara 2010: 180.
n2For the feast Rāp 'New Year's Eve' (?), see Pinault 2008: 363f., Pinault and Ogihara 2010: 188-192 and Adams 2013a: 573f.
n3For the meaning of sänmassu* adj. 'calm' > 'people pertaining to the appeasing ritual', see the discussion by Pinault and Ogihara 2010: 184f.


Provisorial pressmark;
Photograph published in China 2006: 97 without press mark; precise find spot is unknown, "Tumšuq" as indicated by the publishers is possible.



China 2006: 97


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