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PK LC 11

Known as:PK LC 11
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Editor:Adrian Musitz


Collection:Bibliothèque nationale de France, fonds Pelliot Koutchéen (Paris)

Language and Script


Text contents

Text genre:Non-literary
Text subgenre:Letter


Material: on paper
Number of lines:8


a1snai pe ri pau śye ka rpo ///
a2kuśi ñño ro cce pi lā nti yai tko rsa ///
a3kṣa lle ne ci mpa ṣe plā ce ṣe yne· – ///
a4ra me¯ ¯r śka ka [la] si po ñe ne • e tte ·o ///
b1/// [r]e tu ne¯ ¯k sa ṅkrā mśke meṃ kṣi wra
b2/// ṣo lyo rye ra ssā [n]e piśā¯ ¯r
b3/// ce yna¯ ¯s śwā si kle se ta rya tau¯ ¯m
b4/// wā ma ka ryā mai ta rya ko rraiṃ [i] ///


a1snai peri pauśye karpo(ññaṃntsa) ///
a2kuśiññ-oroccepi lānti yaitkorsa /// (pre)-
a3-kṣallene cimpa ṣe plāce ṣey-ne · – ///
a4ramer śka kalasi poñeneette ·o ///
b1/// re tune-k saṅkrāmśkemeṃ n1 kṣi wrä n2
b2/// – ṣo lyo rye rässā-ne piśār
b3/// ceynas śwāsi klese tarya taum
b4/// wāma käryāmai tarya korraiṃ n3 i(käṃ) ///


a1Without debt, the tax... in karpoññasn4
a2On the order of the great Kuchean king...
a3In the court (?)n5 /on the question, he had a conversation with you.
a4And quickly tell himn6 to bring it! ... down...
b1... Therein, from the little monastery, two...
b2... he tore it out, for five (coins?) each...
b3...their food: klese, three pecks.
b4... I bought: three koraiñ, twenty ...


Philological commentary

n1Ching's reading saṅkrām śka mai is untenable, since there is clearly an e-diacricic above the 'mśka'. Also, the 'mai' looks more like a 'meṃ'.
n2The second 'w' is smaller than the first, because the scribe tried to fit it in the same line even though there wasn't much space left.
n3There is a word *ggūra- 'mule' in Khotanese (Dragoni 2022: 115, non vidi), which is probably related to this word.
n4Tiny traces of the 'ñña' are still visible. karpoñña also occurs in PK DA M 507.37, 36 a88 and in non-secular THT 1267 (in the latter case, it seems to be used in a kind of figura etymologica with kārp-: b2 ṅke ost karpoñña ñ(äś) k(ār)päsk·.
n5Adams has prekṣalle as 'court'.
n6I interpret poñe as a kind of analogical singular to poñes, instead of the expected poñ.



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