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PK LC 11

Known as:PK LC 11
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Editor:Adrian Musitz


Collection:Bibliothèque nationale de France, fonds Pelliot Koutchéen (Paris)

Language and Script


Text contents

Text genre:Non-literary
Text subgenre:Letter


Material: on paper
Number of lines:8


a1snai pe ri pau śye ka rpo ///
a2kuśi ñño ro cce pi lā nti yai tko rsa ///
a3kṣa lle ne ci mpa ṣe plā ce ṣe yne· – ///
a4ra me¯ ¯r śka ka [la] si po ñe ne • e tte ·o ///
b1/// [r]e tu ne¯ ¯k sa ṅkrā mśke meṃ kṣi wra
b2/// ṣo lyo rye ra ssā [n]e piśā¯ ¯r
b3/// ce yna¯ ¯s śwā si kle se ta rya tau¯ ¯m
b4/// wā ma ka ryā mai ta rya ko rraiṃ [i] ///


a1 snai peri pauśye karpo(ññaṃntsa) ///
a2 kuśiññ-oroccepi lānti yaitkorsa /// (pre)-
a3 -kṣallene cimpa ṣe plāce ṣey-ne · – ///
a4 ramer śka kalasi poñene • ette ·o ///
b1 /// re tune-k saṅkrāmśkemeṃn1 kṣi wrän2
b2 /// – ṣo lyo rye rässā-ne piśār
b3 /// ceynas śwāsi klese tarya taum
b4 /// wāma käryāmai tarya korraiṃn3 i(käṃ) ///


a1 Without debt, the tax... in karpoññasn4
a2 On the order of the great Kuchean king...
a3 In the court (?)n5 /on the question, he had a conversation with you.
a4 And quickly tell himn6 to bring it! ... down...
b1 ... Therein, from the little monastery, two...
b2 ... he tore it out, for five (coins?) each...
b3 ...their food: klese, three pecks.
b4 ... I bought: three koraiñ, twenty ...


Philological commentary

n1 Ching's reading saṅkrām śka mai is untenable, since there is clearly an e-diacricic above the 'mśka'. Also, the 'mai' looks more like a 'meṃ'.
n2 The second 'w' is smaller than the first, because the scribe tried to fit it in the same line even though there wasn't much space left.
n3 There is a word *ggūra- 'mule' in Khotanese (Dragoni 2022: 115, non vidi), which is probably related to this word.
n4 Tiny traces of the 'ñña' are still visible. karpoñña also occurs in PK DA M 507.37, 36 a88 and in non-secular m-tht1267 (in the latter case, it seems to be used in a kind of figura etymologica with kārp-: b2 ṅke ost karpoñña ñ(äś) k(ār)päsk·.
n5 Adams has prekṣalle as 'court'.
n6 I interpret poñe as a kind of analogical singular to poñes, instead of the expected poñ.



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