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Known as:PK NS 89
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Editor:Véronique Kremmer


Main find spot:Subashi
Collection:Bibliothèque nationale de France, fonds Pelliot Koutchéen (Paris)

Language and Script


Text contents

Text genre:Literary
Text subgenre:Jātaka/Avadāna


a1/// rtsā ṅtsa pa rna e ṅko rmeṃ ywā ·ts· – ·ā tro no rsa ta ka ///
a2/// ri e tte kka dī pa nma lyi nā nta ̄ ̄r no tä s̝pa ///
a3/// bh· ru ke a mā¯ ¯cä lu ka ske ma ne yṣi ntse ksa ///
a4/// n[t]· re ste || ka ṣṣī we s̝s̝aṃ ṣe¯ ¯s̝pa pā trai ///
a5/// ·ī ne || a mā¯ ¯cä we s̝s̝aṃ ña kta i ///
a6/// lmi ya ka ṣe yeṃ po rau rī¯ ¯ka rī ///
a7/// ña tse meṃ tsa lpā¯ ¯m a lyai kno ///
b1ra [ṅ]· ///
b2ta [ma] ///
b3ra [ṣ](·)[ā] ///
b4y[pa] ///
b5kwä rñai [po] ///
b6kā tyā y· ///
b7ra kta kṣe – ///


a1/// rt sāṅtsa parna eṅkormeṃ ywārts(a) (mā) tronorsa n1 ka ///
a2/// ri ette n2 kka dīpanma lyināntär no ṣpä ///
a3/// bh(i)ruke amāc lukaskemane yṣintse ksa ///
a4/// (wä)nt(a)re stekäṣṣi weṣṣäṃ ṣe ṣpä pātrai ///
a5/// (r)īneamāc weṣṣäṃ ñakta i ///
a6/// (ono)lmi yaka ṣeyeṃ po raurīk rī(ne) ///
a7/// ñatsemeṃ tsälpām alyaik no ///
b1raṅ ///
b2ta ///
b3raṣ ///
b4ypa ///
b5(ce-)k wärñai po ///
b6(mahā)kātyāy(ane) ///
b7raktakṣe(tre) ///


a1... having seized besides in the community ... half ...
a2... they put down lanterns, but ...
a3... the minister Bhiruka, at dawn, ...
a4... is the affair. The teacher says: "And this one begging bowl..."
a5... in the city. The minister says: "Master ..."
a6... the inhabitants were still in the whole city of Raurīka ...
a7... we were saved from danger. Others, however ...
b5... in any way ... all ...
b6... Mahākātyāyana ...
b7... Raktakṣetra ...


Philological commentary

This fragment contains the story of the righteous ministers Bhiruka and Heruka in the town of Roruka (here Raurīka), which is paralleled in the Mūlasarvāstivādavinaya. While king Udrāyaṇa is absent to pursue ascetic life, his son Śikhaṇḍin reigns unjustly over the city, even going so far as to assassinate Udrāyaṇa upon his return. He also stops giving alms to the monk Mahākātyāyana, who had been sent by Bimbisāra to teach the dharma in Roruka, and the Buddhist community at large. As he attempts to bury Mahākātyāyana alive, a sandstorm buries the entire city. Only Udrāyaṇa's loyal ministers and Mahākātyāyana escape the disaster.
n1The segmentation as well as the substitution of the lacuna is unclear here. It appears as though the form should be interpreted as the perlative singular of an otherwise unattested r-abstract.
n2The reading here is not certain, one could read ette or ente.

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