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PK DA M 507.2

Known as:PK DA M 507.2; PK Cp 2
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Editor:Adrian Musitz


Collection:Bibliothèque nationale de France, fonds Pelliot Koutchéen (Paris)

Language and Script


Text contents

Text genre:Non-literary
Text subgenre:Account


Material: on paper
Number of lines:11


a1śka ñce śa ktrai yne wa ltsa ssi ///
a2ya wi ca ka nma sa nai ///
a3co ko ma kka ka pu tte yā – ///
a4wi ca ka nma 2 wi to¯ ¯m ///
a5śa kśwe rne sa ṅkrā nme śwa si ///
a6ñu weṃ ne sa ṅkrā nme ka pyā – ///
a7ka nma 5 «†[wi]» «†[to¯]»«†[¯m]» «†[2]» pi śt· – ///
a8wä rsa ññe i kaṃ ñu ne ka pyā re ///
a9śa¯ ¯k ta rya ca ka nma 10 3 to ///
a10pa lle tne ka la ṅka ntse wa ltsa si
a11ca ka nma wi 2


a1 śkañce śak traiyne waltsassi /// (wā)-
a2 -ya wi cakanma sanai (tom) ///
a3 co komakkaka putteyā(ne) ///
a4 wi cakanma 2 wi tom ///
a5 śak śwerne saṅkrānmen1 śwasi(ṣṣe) ///
a6 ñuweṃne saṅkrānme kapyā(res) /// (ca)-
a7 -kanma 5 piś t(om) ///
a8 wärsaññe ikäṃ ñune kapyāre(s) ///
a9 śak tärya cakanma 10-3 to(wä) ///
a10 pälletne kalaṅkantse waltsasin2 ///
a11 cakanma wi 2


a1 (In the) tenth (month) on day three, (someonə) conveyed (the grain somewhere) in order to mill...
a2 two piculs, one (peck)...
a3 On the very same day, Putteyāne...
a4 two piculs 2, two pecks...
a5 On day fourteen, (grainn3 ) for consumption in the monastery...
a6 On the last day of the month, (something was spent) for the kapyāri...
a7 ... piculs, 5 five pecks...///
a8 (In the) eleventh (month) on day twenty one, (something was spent) for the kapyāri...
a9 thirteen piculs 13, (one) peck....
a10 On the day of the full moon, to Kalaṅko ... in order to mill...
a11 piculs, two 2...


Philological commentary

n1 There is an odd metathesis of 'm' and 'n' in this form - we would expect saṅkrāmne (from skr. saṃghārāma-.
n2 sic! for some reason, the fremdzeichen 'L' is used instead of the regular sign.
n3 It could either be yap, ysāre, āka, āka lyekśiye or śātre, given the other attestations of śwasiṣṣe.



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