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IOL Toch 278

Known as:IOL Toch 278; H 150.122; D.122
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Editor:Michaël Peyrot


Main find spot:Unknown
Collection:British Library (London)

Language and Script

Linguistic stage:classical

Text contents

Title of the work:Subhāṣitagaveṣin-Avadāna
Text genre:Literary
Text subgenre:Jātaka/Avadāna


Material: ink on paper
Number of lines:5


Images from idp.bl.uk by courtesy of the International Dunhuang Project and the British Library.


a1/// 2 || wa lo we s̝s̝a[ṃ] ke (–) – ///
a2/// k· kā ccu [ñä] kci ye śai ṣṣe ne ma sa ///
a3/// lo || o mno ña ke ta ka rṣka ññe sa – ///
a4/// – k·e no su wa¯ ¯k se ña ke su n· ///
a5/// mo rnta ne ścā [m]a – – ///
b1/// ga ve ṣiṃ l·¯ ¯nt – – ·k· [m]· ///
b2/// ·k· sta¯ ¯ñ cī pa rma ṅsa ña ke ñ· ///
b3/// ṣṣ· re tke meṃ mā ka e mpe lye : cī pa ///
b4/// k[n]· snai lyi pa¯ ¯r kā ska¯ ¯t ā nte mī ta s[m]e ///
b5/// rsa cī s̝a rpau ne te we ·[au] s· ///


a1/// 2 ॥ walo weṣṣäṃ ke – – ///
a2/// k(a)kāccu ñäkciye śaiṣṣene masa ///
a3/// …loom no ñake takarṣkäññesa – ///
a4/// k·e no suwak se ñake sun· ///
a5/// (yā)morntane ścāma – – ///
b1/// (subhāṣita)gaveṣiṃ l(ā)nt – – ·k· ///
b2/// (klyaut)k(a)sta-ñ pärmaṅsa ñake ñ· ///
b3/// …ṣṣ· retkemeṃ māka empelye : pä… ///
b4/// kn· snai lyipär kāskat ānte mītäs-me ///
b5/// …rsa ṣärpau-ne te we(ñ)au ///


a1... 2. || The king says: « ...
a2Rejoiced he went into the divine world.
a3... king (?). || There now out of faith ...
a4... He now is Sun(darananda ?) ...
a5... they fixed ... in the deeds.
b1... king Subhāṣitagaveṣiṃ ...
b2... you have made me ... Through your hope now ...
b3... the many terrible armies of the (passions). Your ...
b4... you will scatter without remnant; you will make their front yield.
b5... out of ... I will point out to him; I will says this ...


b4… you will scatter (their armies?) completely and make their front give way … (cf 144) (Peyrot 2013b: 666)



According to Broomhead 1962: 156 "[w]ritten in small ductus, and very clearly preserved, it is from the middle of a five line manuscript."


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