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A 404

Known as:A 404; THT 1038
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Editor:Gerd Carling; Angelo Mascheroni (translation)


Main find spot:Sengim
Expedition code:T II S 19.10
Collection:Berlin Turfan Collection

Language and Script


Text contents

Text genre:Literary


Manuscript:A 399-404
Material: ink on paper
Number of lines:7



a1/// jā ta kṣi m· ///
a2/// wra¯ ¯m mka lt[o] ///
a3/// pra pu¯ ¯k wyā kṣe pa ntu ///
a4/// wla lu ne yā ṣo ///
a5/// [l]· ka ri ñmā¯ ¯r ma [ra] ///
a6/// ku sku lypa ta ///
b2/// śā ku na¯ ¯m • pā ///
b3/// ¯ñä ka re ñcmo ki ///
b4/// ·ka tka ṣṣi nä¯ ¯s̝ wa st· ///
b5/// e[ṃ] tsā mā¯ ¯r : 3 || tma ///
b6/// [ñci] wa s̝tala[¯] [¯cä] ṣā ///
b7/// ka smā ra¯ – ///


a1n1 /// jātakṣi ///
a2/// wram mkälto ///
a3/// prä puk wyākṣepäntu ///
a4/// wlaluneyā ṣo ///
a5n2 /// l(e)k«†ä» riñmār marä ///
a6/// kus kulypatä(r) ///
b2/// śāku n-äm ///
b3/// ñ kareñc-m oki ///
b4n3 /// (ptāñ)kät käṣṣinäṣ wast(e) ///
b5/// eṃtsāmār : 3 ॥ tmä(ṣ) ///
b6n4 /// (lā)ñci waṣtäṣ läc ṣā(maṃ) ///
b7n5 /// (pra)käsmār-ä(m) – ///


a1... (the links?) to the jātaka-story...
a2... (this?) matter, ... (being?) small ...
a3... all the hindrances ...
a4... through (his) death ...
a5... "I will keep away ..." ...
a6... "Who desires ...?" ...
b2... (his?) hair is ...
b3... (they) will laugh at them, as it were. ...
b4... protection from Buddha-god, the teacher ...
b5... "I will seize ...". Then, ...
b6... (he) left the (royal?) house (and became monk) ...
b7... "I ask (him) ..." ...


Philological commentary

Tentatively restoration based on A 16 b1, A 276 a7 and A 156 b6.
n1Accoring to Carling and Pinault 2023: 333, s.v. masäk, and based on A 400 b3, one could tentatively restore jātakṣi (maskas).
n2The restoration l(e)k was already proposed by Sieg and Siegling 1921: 225. As for riñmār marä, maybe we should segment it as riñmār mar ä?
n3Based on the context, the restoration (ptāñ)kät käṣṣinäṣ wast(e) seems plausible.
n4The form (pra)käsmār-ä(m) was already proposed by Sieg and Siegling 1921: 225.


Transcription and translation are based on Carling et al. 2009.
Transcription and references have been transferred from the "Text and Reference Database of the Tocharian A Language" (Gerd Carling Lund University) (funded by the Bank of Sweden Tercentenary Foundation and SCAS).


Online access

IDP: THT 1038; TITUS: THT 1038


Sieg and Siegling 1921: 225; Sieg and Siegling 1921 p. 225


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