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IOL Toch 244

Known as:IOL Toch 244; H add.149.115; C.115
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Editor:Michaël Peyrot


Main find spot:Unknown
Collection:British Library (London)

Language and Script

Linguistic stage:classical

Text contents

Text genre:Literary


Material: ink on paper
Size (h × w):7 × 5.1 cm
Number of lines:7


Images from by courtesy of the International Dunhuang Project and the British Library.


a1/// k· ///
a2/// – ma ṣle (–) no ya ///
a3/// k· ktseṃ tsa || pa tsa tā ///
a4/// e neṃ ke ktse nne ya pa ṣle ///
a5/// lā maṃ u ppā la tsai kau m[ai] ///
a6/// ṣṣa ke ktse ñe ya ma ṣlya • – ///
a7/// ca me¯ ¯l yne śya ma s̝a l·e ///
b1/// sa skwā nn· e ṣe e ma ly· – ///
b2/// tā kaṃ tu mpa e rai twe saṃ tke ///
b3/// rṇa nma ṣṣa ke ktse ñe ya – ///
b4/// ya ma ṣle se o ro tse mai ///
b5/// – ske ma ne ·ā kaṃ s̝a ///
b6/// ·i wä s̝a lya wā ///


a1 /// k· ///
a2 /// – maṣle – no ya ///
a3 /// k(e)ktseṃtsa ॥ patsa ///
a4 /// eneṃ kektsenne yapäṣle ///
a5 /// lāmaṃ uppālätsai kaumai… ///
a6 /// …ṣṣa kektseñe yamaṣlya • – ///
a7 /// camel yneś yamaṣäl(l)e ///
b1 /// …sa skwānn(e) eṣe emaly· – ///
b2 /// tākaṃ tumpa eraitwe saṃtke ///
b3 /// (cu)rṇanmaṣṣa kektseñe ya – ///
b4 /// yamaṣle se orotse mai ///
b5 /// – skemane (t)ākaṃ ṣä… ///
b6 /// (tr)iwäṣälya wā… ///



According to Broomhead 1962: 259 "[w]ritten in small ductus, and very clearly preserved, it is part of a seven line manuscript".


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IDP: IOL Toch 244


Peyrot 2007: №244; Broomhead 1962: 259


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