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PK DA M 507.14

Known as:PK DA M 507.14; PK Cp 14
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Editor:Adrian Musitz


Collection:Bibliothèque nationale de France, fonds Pelliot Koutchéen (Paris)

Language and Script


Text contents

Text genre:Non-literary
Text subgenre:Account


Material: on paper
Number of lines:13


a1/// [śi] ktā lye¯ ¯ś ysā re ma sa ca ka
a2/// ·[o] koṃ ci pte «nau» ntse ka pci
a3/// – nti śke ntse ka pci
a4/// we ntse ka pci
a5/// – we wā ltsa ka pci
a6/// lyā ka se ke rca pi śke ntse ka pci
a7/// tā ka tau 1 pa tte yā ne ntse tau 1 wa wā ltsau sa tā ka o¯ ¯k to¯ ¯m 8
a8/// [l·] klā te se ka pci
a9/// «†i» «†ndra» – «†ntse» «†ka» «†pci»
a10/// – – [nma] ṣu¯ ¯k to wä pi¯ ¯ś 70 5
a11/// [ṣ]· to wä o¯ ¯k 8
a12/// pte lyā ka se pci
a13/// ·k· lyā ka se ka pci


a1 /// śiktālyeś ysāre masa caka-
a2 -(nma) /// (m)okoṃ ci{ptenau/naupte}ntse kapci
a3 /// – (wäṃ)ntiśkentse kapci
a4 /// …wentse kapci
a5 /// – we wāltsa kapci
a6 /// lyāka se kercapiśkentse kapci
a7 n1 /// tāka tau 1 pätteyānentse tau 1 wawāltsausa tāka ok tom 8
a8 /// l· klāte se kapci
a9 ///
a10 /// (caka)nma ṣuk towä piś 70-5
a11 /// ṣ(e) towä ok 8
a12 (cinau)pte lyāka se «ka»pci
a13 ·k· lyāka se kapci


a1 /// ... wheat for sowing has been spent: ... piculs ///
a2 /// Cinaupte the (M)oko's finger-measure.
a3 /// Wantiśke's finger-measure.
a4 /// -we's finger-measure.
a5 /// -we ground. (This is his) finger-measure.
a6 /// ... saw it. This (is) Kercapiśke's finger-measure.
a7 /// ... was ...: 1 peck. For Putteyāne: 1 peck. (Something) was ground: eight pecks.
a8 /// ... brought... this (is his) finger-measure.
a9 ///
a10 /// ... seven piculs, five pecks 75.
a11 /// ... one (picul), eight pecks 8.
a12 /// Cinaupte saw it. This (is his) finger-measure.
a13 /// (someone) saw it. This (is his) finger-measure.


a5 /// ?-we 碾磨了。。。(他的)画指。 (Ching 2017: 369)
a6 /// +[Kercapiśke]看到了,这(是)Kercapiśke的画指。 (Ching 2017: 369)
a7 /// ......1斗。 Pätteyāne 的1 斗。被磨了的......:捌斗。 (Ching 2017: 369)


Philological commentary

n1 This line is written much smaller than the rest



Ching 2010: 194; Ching 2017: 369; Pinault 0000: 18-20


Ching 2017: a5 (369), a6 (369), a7 (369)


Ching 2010

Ching, Chao-jung. 2010. “Secular documents in Tocharian: Buddhist economy and society in the Kucha region.” PhD thesis, Paris: École Pratique des Hautes Études.

Ching 2017

Ching, Chao-jung. 2017. 吐火罗语世俗文献与古代龟兹历史 – Tocharian secular texts and the history of Ancient Kucha. Beijing: Peking University Press.

Pinault 0000

Pinault, Georges-Jean. 0000. “Textes économiques koutchéens.”

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