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Known as:PK AS 9C; Pelliot Koutchéen Ancienne Série 9C
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Editor:Georges-Jean Pinault; Melanie Malzahn
Date of online publication:2014-02


Main find spot:Duldur-Akhur
Expedition code:DA
Collection:Bibliothèque nationale de France, fonds Pelliot Koutchéen (Paris)

Language and Script

Linguistic stage:archaic

Text contents

Text genre:Literary
Text subgenre:Medicine/Magic


Manuscript:PK AS 9
Material: ink on paper
Size (h × w):6 × 6.3 cm
Number of lines:6
Interline spacing:1.3 cm


Images from by courtesy of the Bibliothèque nationale de France, Département des Manuscrits, Pelliot koutchéen.


a1/// (·)t(·) m(·) lkwe ra ka nte i ka[ṃ] ///
a2/// lype sāṃ tke || ca ndā nä • pa tm[a] ///
a3/// ryā ka wi trau nta s̝a lype ///
a4/// nma ne sāṃ tke • le śpa [ṣ](·)e ///
a5/// – • tra ya mā na • ku r[u] ///
a6/// l(·) (·)e (·)[ā] t(·)e • ///
b1/// s(·) tk[e] nt(·) ///
b2/// [la] kle pre ñca • we re [ś]c[o] ///
b3/// [ma]ṃ ñca • pe pa rṣṣa wi tsa [ko] ///
b4/// – pri ya ṅgu ra kta pi tne • – ///
b5/// – [ta] re rṣe ñca • sa ccha ṣṣa ///
b6/// sāṃ (·)(·)e ///


a1 n1 /// ·t· m(ä)lkwerä känte ikäṃ ///
a2 /// (ṣä)lype sāṃtke ॥ candānä • patma(kä) ///
a3 /// (tä)ryāka wi traunta ṣälype ///
a4 /// (teka)nmane sāṃtkeleśpäṣ(ṣ)e (tekine) ///
a5 /// – • trayamāna • kuru(ci) ///
a6 /// (ṣä)l(yp)e (s)ā«ṃ»t(k)e • ///
b1 /// s(aṃ)tkent(a) ///
b2 /// läkle-preñcawere śco(naine) ///
b3 /// maṃñca • pepärṣṣa witsäko ///
b4 /// – priyaṅgu raktapitne • – ///
b5 n2 /// – tär erṣeñca • sacchaṣṣa (witsäko) ///
b6 /// sāṃ(tk)e ///


a1 ... milk one hundred twenty (trau ?) ...
a2 ... oil as remedy. Sandal wood, Costus speciosus, ...
a3 ... thirty two trau, oil ...
a4 ... in (dis)eases ... the remedy. In (diseases) of phlegma ...
a5 ... Ficus heterophylla, Tinospora cordifolia, ...
a6 ... oil as remedy. ...
b1 ... remedies ...
b2 ... taking away the pain. (In case of ba)dness of odor ...
b3 ... A root of pepär ...
b4 ... Aglaia roxburghiana, in case of spontaneous hemorrhage from the nose or mouth, ...
b5 ... causing ..., (root) of saccha ...
b6 ... remedy ...


Philological commentary

Couvreur 1955: 116 stated without further discussion that this fragment is a parallel to THT 497, but except for commonplace phrases there is no specific match between them apart from the fact that both contain medical formulas. Consequently, recto and verso cannot be ascertained.
n1 Since this is an archaic text, we would expect mälkwer, so one has to assume a spelling with ‹mä›.
n2 sacchaṣṣa witsäko recurs in Or 6402A 1.2 a4 as saccaṣṣa witsako.


A small fragment from the middle of a leaf; recto and verso side cannot be determined.


Couvreur 1955

Couvreur, Walter. 1955. “Nieuwe Koetsjische fragmenten van de Bibliothèque Nationale te Parijs.” In Handelingen van het Eenentwintigste Vlaams Filologencongres, 110–16.