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PK NS 153

Known as:PK NS 153
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Editor:Athanaric Huard


Collection:Bibliothèque nationale de France, fonds Pelliot Koutchéen (Paris)

Language and Script



a1/// yyi tā [k]· ///
a2/// ○ tā ko¯ ¯yä [ñ]· ///
a3/// ○ pyo pra lya – ///
a4/// mye pi śau moṃ ntse : to – ///
b1/// reṃ ma nta¯ ¯k wro tse k· ///
b2/// ○ kre ntaṃ tsnā ki ///
b3/// ○ wa lke pre ·[e] ///
b4/// tū meṃ kl(·)au ///


a1/// (ai)yyin1 tāk(oyeṃ) ///
a2/// tākoy-ñ · ///
a3/// (pyā)pyo pralya – ///
a4/// (aiśau)myepi śaumoṃntse : to ///
b1/// reṃ mäntak wrotse ///
b2/// krentaṃts nāki ///
b3/// walke pre(k)e ///
b4/// tūmeṃ kl(·)au ///


a1… may them be ovine-like (?) …
a2… may it … for m…
a3… flower that has to be carried …
a4… of the wise human …
b1… just so the great …
b2… blame of the good ones …
b3… for a long time …
b4… then …


Philological commentary

n1The ending -yyi is quite rare; the nominative plural of the adjective aiyye ‘ovine’ is tentatively restored.