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PK NS 154

Known as:PK NS 154
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Editor:Timothée Chamot-Rooke; Athanaric Huard


Collection:Bibliothèque nationale de France, fonds Pelliot Koutchéen (Paris)


a1/// ṣai [o] ///
a2/// ○ ktaṃ ñe ·r[e] ·t· a ///
a3/// ○ yo rnta ai ske – ///
a5/// ○ po¯ ¯ntaṃts ai [ṣ·i] ///
a6/// nt· wai ptā¯ ¯[r] [t]e ///
b1/// lkā ske ma n· ///
b2/// ○ ka klā yau s[t]e ///
b3/// ○ mi lkā nta rc(·)ai ///
b4/// ○ rke¯ ¯[ñcä] w(·)au [ñ]· ///
b5/// [ś]· w(·)o [n]· ///


a1 /// ṣai o ///
a2 /// (pañä)ktäṃñe (k)re(n)t(ä) a(kālkne) ///
a3 /// (ā)yornta aiske(mane) ///
a5 /// pontaṃts aiṣ(ṣ)i ///
a6 /// nt· waiptār te ///
b1 /// lkāskeman(e) ///
b2 /// kaklāyau ste ///
b3 /// (ṣe)mi lkāntarn1 cai ///
b4 /// (e)rkeñc w(l)au(wa) ///
b5 /// ś(a)won(a) ///


a2 … (in) the good (wish) towards Buddhahood …
a3 … giving gifts …
a4 … gave to all [beings] …
a5 … separately …
b1 … seeing…
b2 … is fallen …
b3 … some are seen …
b4 … black [and] downcast…
b5 … great …


Philological commentary

According to Timothée Chamot-Rooke (p.c.), this fragment can be completed on the left side by m-pkns407 and is parallel to m-ioltoch1, for which see Wilkens and Peyrot 2017 An edition of this joint is in preparation.
n1 lkāntar: scribal mistake for lkāntär.


Wilkens and Peyrot 2017

Wilkens, Jens, and Michaël Peyrot. 2017. “Weitere Parallelen in Tocharisch B zur altuigurischen Daśakarmapathāvadānamālā: Mahendrasena-und Ṣaḍdanta-Avadāna.” In Zur lichten Heimat: Studien zu Manichäismus, Iranistik und Zentralasienkunde im Gedenken an Werner Sundermann, edited by Berlin-Brandenburgische Akademie der Wissenschaften. Akademienvorhaben Turfanforschung, 683–710. Wiesbaden: Harrassowitz Verlag.