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IOL Toch 112

Known as:IOL Toch 112; H 149.333; A.333
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Editor:Michaël Peyrot


Main find spot:Unknown
Collection:British Library (London)

Language and Script

Linguistic stage:classical

Text contents

Title of the work:Bhikṣu-Prātimokṣasūtra
Text genre:Literary
Text subgenre:Vinaya


Material: ink on paper
Size (h × w):6.0 × 6.0 cm
Number of lines:5


Images from by courtesy of the International Dunhuang Project and the British Library.


a1/// – ¯t ma ñcā¯ ¯k ///
a2/// mā ne lwā sā cce [w]· ///
a3/// – tta ṅkaṃ 10 9 || kuse – ///
a4/// – ṅkṣa lle po sta ññe ///
a5/// 20 || kuse ṣa mā ne sa – ///
b1/// ka tta ṅkaṃ 20 1 || kuse ///
b2/// [ṅk]·si a ksa s̝s̝aṃ sū ṣa m[ā] ///
b3/// – meṃ ṣa mā ni a śi – ///
b4/// [a] śi ya na mpa ṣe ///
b5/// ·ā [y]·i – ṅko ka ///


a1 /// – t mañcāk ///
a2 /// (ṣa)māne lwāsācce w(ar) ///
a3 /// (kä)ttaṅkäṃ 10-9 ॥ kuse – ///
a4 /// (rä)ṅkṣalle postaññe ///
a5 /// 20 ॥ kuse ṣamāne sa – ///
b1 /// kättaṅkäṃ 20-1 ॥ kuse ///
b2 /// …ṅk(t)si aksaṣṣäṃ ṣamā(ne) ///
b3 /// – meṃ ṣamāni aśi(yanampa) ///
b4 /// aśiyanampa ṣe ///
b5 /// (p)āy(t)i (tra)ṅko kä(ttaṅkäṃ) ///


a1 /// [on the chair or on the couch] ///
a2 /// (If) a monk ... the water containing animals ///
a3 /// (the monk) commits (Pāt.-sin.) 19 || If [a monk] ///
a4 /// to be built at most. ///
a5 /// [20] || If a monk, (not approved by) [the community] ///
b1 /// (the monk) commits (Pāt.-sin.) 21 || if (a monk) ///
b2 /// instructs [till] (the sunset), this monk (commits Pāt.-sin. 22 || If a monk) ///
b3 /// [for the sale of] ..., the monks (to) the nuns ///
b4 /// with the nuns ///
b5 /// (the monk) [commits Pāt.-sin.] ///



According to Broomhead 1962a: 86, "[w]ritten in small to medium ductus, it is from the middle of a five line MS".

Alternative linguistic/paleographic classifications

Peyrot 2008b A1
Tamai 2011a C14



Ogihara 2009a: 223

Online access

IDP: IOL Toch 112


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