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PK NS 165

Known as:PK NS 165
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Editor:Athanaric Huard


Collection:Bibliothèque nationale de France, fonds Pelliot Koutchéen (Paris)

Language and Script



a1/// k· ma ske ta¯ ¯r ///
a2/// k· rcyeṃ ne kā ḍo dā y[i] – ///
a3/// lo ra ska re man tā te • – ///
b1/// mpa ma nte ś·¯ ¯m ly· ka cau ///
b2/// st· : o¯ ¯t i pre rne kau ///
b3/// k[e] lye sa śa k(·)e ///
b4/// m(·)ā ·i ///


a1/// mäsketär ///
a2/// k(e)rcyeṃne kāḍodāyin1 – ///
a3/// lo räskare mantāte • ///
b1/// mpa mante ś(e)m ly(ā)ka cau ///
b2/// st· : ot iprerne kau(c) ///
b3/// (tri)kelyesa śak(us)e ///
b4/// m(·)ā ·i ///


a1… s/he is …
a2… from the palace, Kāḍodāyi …
a3… was severely destroyed …
b1... with … s/he went upwards and saw this …
b2… then high in heaven …
b3… alcohol with intoxication …


Philological commentary

This fragment might be the Tocharian version of an episode of the Buddha’s life staging Kālodāyin, which was summarized by Malalasekera 1937: 589 as follows: “Kāludāyī felt that it was time for the Buddha to visit his kinsmen, and gave him their invitation, singing the season's beauties in a series of verses. The Buddha took sixty days in covering the sixty leagues from Rājagaha to Kapilavatthu, and each day Kāludāyī went by air to the king's palace to tell him of the progress made in the journey and to bring back to the Buddha from the palace a bowl full of excellent food. By the time the Buddha reached his home his kinsmen were already full of faith in him.”
n1Kāḍodāyi: variant of Sanskrit Kālodāyin and Pāli Kāḷudāyin, a son of Śuddhodana’s purohita, playfellow of the Bodhisattva in his youth, see Edgerton 1953: 181a.


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