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PK LC 27

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Editor:Adrian Musitz


Collection:Bibliothèque nationale de France, fonds Pelliot Koutchéen (Paris)

Language and Script


Text contents

Text genre:Non-literary
Text subgenre:Letter


Material: on paper
Number of lines:5


a1– – – – ·[t]· [r]· [m]·¯ ¯r śk· [p]l· wa[¯] [¯]ñä [n]· ·[k]· m· ma¯ ¯s
a2wi rya ryau pteṃ tsa mo ytsā¯ ¯m ma skau me ñi śkai pa¯ ¯st plā wa¯ ¯ñä wa ssī mā ne
a3sa¯ ¯ñä ce wä nta ne rke mā ma¯ ¯s ka rtse śo mmo tā ka tri ce śa kne米
b1prā ña te
b2wi [s]ya


a1 – – – – ·t· r(a)m(e)r śk(a) pl(ā)wañ n(er)k(e) m(ā) mas 米n1
a2 wiryaryaupteṃ tsamo ytsām maskau-me ñiśkai päst plāwañ wassī mā ne-
a3 -sañ ce wänta«re» nerke mā mas kärtse śommo tākan2 trice śakne 米n3
b1 -wisya
b2 -wisya


a1 /// Quickly send... to me! Don't make delay! 米
a2 (To) Wiryaryaupten4 . I make much ytsām for us/you/them. Send the ñiśka back to me! I have no clothing.
a3 Do not delay this matter! Be a good person! (In the) third (month) on day ten.
b1+ Of Prāñatewe.n5


Philological commentary

n1 Chinese signature mǐ 米, one of the characteristic Sogdian surnames (Ching 2010: 233).
n2 tāka is a late form of ptāka (Ching 2010: 232, following Pinault).
n4 Maybe a mistake for Wiryaupte? There is a space of one akṣara between this word and the next. Maybe this is a kind of shortened form of address, where instead of the phrase yṣuwarsa pärk-, we just have the name of the adressee.
n5 Prāñatewisya might be a strange form of Prajñādevasya.



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