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PK DA M 507.1

Known as:PK DA M 507.1; PK Cp 1
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Editor:Adrian Musitz


Collection:Bibliothèque nationale de France, fonds Pelliot Koutchéen (Paris)

Language and Script


Text contents

Text genre:Non-literary
Text subgenre:Account


Material: on paper
Number of lines:7


a1pi¯ ¯ś kṣuṃ ntsa me ñye nai ma – ///
a2wa ka nte ṣe 100 1 ke rca pi – ///
a3co ko ma ka kka ke rca pi [ś]· ///
a4o kta śke ṣṣe ṣo¯ ¯ṅk seṃ n·e·
a5me ñe wa te śa¯ ¯k trai yne ke ///
a6co ko ma ka kka ci «nau» pte nmeṃ ///
a7cai yna cā neṃ ai ske ma – ///


a1piś kṣuṃntsa meñye naima(ñe) ///
a2wa känte-ṣe 100-1 kercapi(śke) ///
a3co komakakka kercapiś(ke) ///
a4oktaśkeṣṣe ṣoṅk-seṃn(m)e(ṃ) ///
a5meñe wate śak-traiyne ke(rcapiśke) ///
a6co komakakka cinauptenmeṃ ///
a7caiyna cāneṃ aiskema(ne) ///


a1In the fifth regnal year in the first month... ///
a2... one hundred and one 101. Kercapiśke... ///
a3On the same day, Kercapiśke... ///
a4On the celebration of the eighth dayn1 , from Ṣoṅk-se(ṃ)
a5The 2nd month. On day thirteen, Kercapiśke...
a6On the same day from Cinaupte... ///
a7Giving these coins... ///


a1五年,元月/// (Ching 2017: 234)
a2我......了:壹佰零壹(文)。Kercapiśke /// (Ching 2017: 234)
a3同日,Kercapiśke....../// [本列右缘应有画指] (Ching 2017: 234)
a4Oktaśke*之日。从Ṣoṅk-se(ṃ)*边/// [本列右缘应有画指] (Ching 2017: 234)
a5二月。十三日。[Kercapiśke]/// (Ching 2017: 234)
a6同日,从 Cinaupte 边 /// (Ching 2017: 234)
a7给这些钱 /// (Ching 2017: 234)


Philological commentary

The transliteration has been taken from Ching 2017: 234.
The transcription has been taken from Ching 2017: 234.
n1oktaśke is a diminutive form of the cardinal number eight. It must denote a holiday. There might be some connection to the aṣtamikka-women.



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