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  • We would like to thank Prof. Dr. Thomas Oberlies and Pratik Rumde from the Seminar für Indologie und Tibetologie of the Georg-August-Universität Göttingen for providing our project with scans of the nachlass of Wilhelm Siegling. The nachlass includes letters to and from Siegling throughout his career that are of great importance to the history of the field of Tocharian studies. This material will be published on CEToM, accompanied by transcriptions of the letters, in the course of 2024.


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PK NS 156

Known as:PK NS 156
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Collection:Bibliothèque nationale de France, fonds Pelliot Koutchéen (Paris)


a1/// ·s· [k/r]· – – – ·[p]· ///
a2/// lm· yai kor meṃ po ntakar[s] – ///
a3/// ·ā [nt]saṃ yai ko rmeṃ piś no • snai ///
a4/// e ne nmeṃ ka klau tka [ṣ]· ///
b1/// l[ai] ñe ntse • ke te ne – ///
b2/// – s̝pa yo lai ñe ntse ke ///
b3/// wi tsa k[o] s̝pa yo lai ñe ///
b4/// n(·)e – – r[y](·)e – ///


a1 /// ·s· k/r· – – – ·p· ///
a2 /// (yśe)lm(eṃ) yaikormeṃ pontäṃ kärs(ormeṃ) ///
a3 /// (wal)āntsaṃ yaikormeṃ piś no • snai ///
a4 /// enenmeṃ kaklautkäṣ(ṣu) ///
b1 /// (witsako) (yo)laiñentse • kete ne – ///
b2 /// (witsako) ṣpä yolaiñentse ke(te) ///
b3 /// witsako ṣpä yolaiñe(ntse) ///
b4 /// n(·)e – – ry(·)e – ///


a2 … having removed all pleasures; having understood …
a3 … and having removed the five hindrances [āvaraṇa]; without …
a4 … having made turned from within …
b1 … (the root) of evil; whose…
b2 … and (the root) of evil; whose …
b3 … and the root of evil …