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A 428

Known as:A 428; THT 1062
Cite this page as:Gerd Carling; Angelo Mascheroni (translation). "A 428". In A Comprehensive Edition of Tocharian Manuscripts (CEToM). Created and maintained by Melanie Malzahn, Martin Braun, Hannes A. Fellner, and Bernhard Koller. https://cetom.univie.ac.at/?m-a428 (accessed 14 Jun. 2024).


Editor:Gerd Carling; Angelo Mascheroni (translation)


Main find spot:Sengim
Expedition code:T II S 52.2
Collection:Berlin Turfan Collection

Language and Script

Language:Skt.; TA

Text contents

Text genre:Literary


Material: ink on paper
Number of lines:5



a1– – y· kt· wka· ti ri ś· ///
a2tr· ti – vaṃ vi dhā cā ro pa ///
a3jña pti sa mu tthā pa nā r·· ///
a4– – nā rthaṃ • e pe pa tnu ś· ///
a5/// pi ssa¯ ¯ṅk nu ca – ///
b1/// s· wra· kā pñu [n]e ///
b2– – nā rtha¯ ¯m • e pe pa tnu ///
b3he tau saṃ ni yo ja nā rtha ///
b4bhi kṣ[u] [saṃ] gha sya pū jā ///
b5/// s·o saṃ || a ///


a1– – y·kt· wkä(ṃ) tiri ś· ///
a2tr·tivaṃvidhācāropa ///
a3jñaptisamutthāpanār·· ///
a4– – nārthaṃepe pat nu ś· ///
a5n1 /// pissaṅk nu ca – ///
b1/// wra(ṃ) kāpñune ///
b2– – nārthamepe pat nu ///
b3hetau saṃniyojanārtha ///
b4bhikṣusaṃghasya pūjā ///
b5/// s (m)osaṃa ///


a1... way and manner ...
a2... Skt. ...
a3... Skt. ...
a4... Skt.. Or ...
a5... the community of monks ...
b1... love for water (?) ...
b2... Skt.. Or ...
b3... Skt. ...
b4... Skt. ...
b5... for the sake of ...



Transcription and references have been transferred from the "Text and Reference Database of the Tocharian A Language" (Gerd Carling Lund University) (funded by the Bank of Sweden Tercentenary Foundation and SCAS).
Transcription and translation are based on Carling et al. 2009.

Philological commentary

n1Based on the traces on the manuscript and on the context, we could tentatively restore nu ca(m).


Online access

IDP: THT 1062; TITUS: THT 1062


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