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THT 2747

Known as:THT 2747; Prelim. No. 5874
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Editor:Adrian Musitz


Collection:Berlin Turfan Collection

Language and Script

Linguistic stage:late

Text contents

Text genre:Non-literary
Text subgenre:Account


Material: ink on paper



a1/// [ś]l· cā kne wi to¯ ¯m kau ntā¯ ¯p ma ṣṣa¯ ¯m śa ·e ///
a2/// – cā¯ ¯[k] śa kca ka nma o k·o – ///


a1/// śl· cākne wi tom kau ntāp maṣṣam n1 śa ·e ///
a2/// – cāk śak cakanma ok (t)o(m) ///


a1... on one picul (?) two pecks. We made silk ntāp...
a2... a picul, ten piculs, eight pecks...


Philological commentary

n1ntāp is the word talked about by Ching 2010: 398-399. kau appears to be the singular of kaumma, not **kaum as Ching 2011a suggests. We are dealing with a plural in -nma, i.e. *kaunma. This regularly turns into *komnma/*kaumnma. Assuming a simplification of the cluster 'mnm' to 'mm', yielding komma/kaumma, is trivial. This also removes the need for the rather strange hypothesis of kauṣṣe 'made of silk' being derived from a different root. However, the etymology proposed for kauṣṣe in Ching 2010: 346, i.e. that it is a loan word from Chinese 縞 'undyed silk', can be accepted, since we also know of other Chinese loan words which have a plural in -nma (e.g. cakanma).


Online access

IDP: THT 2747; TITUS: THT 2747


Tamai 2007a: №2747; Ching 2010: 398-399


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