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SHT 525.56

Known as:SHT 525.56
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Editor:Michaël Peyrot


Main find spot:Shorchuk
Specific find spot:Stadthöhle oder Nāgarāja-Höhle
Expedition code:T III Š 64, T III Š 90, T III Š 101
Collection:Berlin Turfan Collection

Language and Script

Language:Skt.; TA

Text contents

Title of the work:Udānavarga
Text genre:Literary
Text subgenre:Doctrine


Material: ink on paper
Size (h × w):6.9 × 36.7 cm
Number of lines:5



b4unread || sa¯ ¯s [po] [s]·ä¯ ¯k po ro ciṃ saṃ ·r· m[a] ·ä unread ·e [p]ra¯ ¯m unread – – [a] plā unread – ·[r]a¯ ¯l unread – ca¯ ¯s̝ po stä¯ ¯k po r[o] ci[ṃ] sa [ṅ]krā ma¯ ¯s̝ [p]re m[a] [r] ///
b4x[ku] sne – ¯[m] ·ra mā –
b5sā sā ka kā ka [k]· unread mo kṣa ku te ṣā mn[e] r unread – – – [ma] [p]a k[y]ā – – – unread su – nte – ·i –


b4n1n2 unreadsäs pos(t)äk porociṃ saṃ(k)r(ā)ma(c)«†ä» unread ·e präm unread – – aplā«kät» unread(mā) (p)räl unreadcaṣ postäk porociṃ saṅkrāmäṣ pre mar ///
b4xn3 kusnem ·rä
b5n4 ka ka unread mokṣakute ṣāmner unread – – – pa kyā – – – unread sunte·i


b4... || This book (is meant) for Porociṃ Monastery ... ? ... without permission ... (not?) to be taken (away from the monastery?) ... This book (belongs) to Porociṃ Monastery. This book (you may not take?) out of Porociṃ Monastery
b4xwho ...
b5... śramaṇera Mokṣagupta ...


Linguistic commentary

– (p)räl: It is suggestive to think of (mā p)räl '[This book] is (not) to be taken [away from the monastery].'
In the last section in this line, the oblique case of caṣ postäk requires another construction than the standard säs postäk mā präl 'this book is not to be taken'. If mar is read correctly, the corresponding subjunctive could simply have to be restored, i.e. 2Sg.Sub.Mid. mar (kāmatār) 'you may not take; don't take!' or 3Sg.Sub.Mid. mar (kāmatär) 'he may not take'.
n1– – aplā: The meaning of the scribbling in careful faint handwriting is fairly clear: it must be the word for "without permission". However, as far as it can be deciphered, it rather resembles the TB term aplākätte. The TA equivalent is so far unattested, but the first a should in any case have been long, i.e. *āplākät (or perhaps *āplakät). A reading [ā]plā cannot be excluded completely: these akṣaras are covered by much larger akṣaras in careless handwriting, which very clearly read aplā, i.e. TB aplā«kätte». Thus, we expect TA in view of the other scribblings in TA, and the faint first note might be in TA, but the second, larger scribbling seems to be in TB.
n4The unskilled akṣaras to the left of mokṣakute ṣāmner appear to make no sense; the akṣaras to the right of it so far allow for no interpretation.

Philological commentary

The position of the following akṣaras ·e präm suggests that they belong to the preceding "colophon" ending with saṃ(k)r(ā)ma(c), but the akṣaras themselves are larger and not well formed, which points to a later addition.
n2This colophon, or rather indication of ownership, is found at the end of the Udānavarga text. In the system of Bernhard 1965: 31, it is manuscript AA, leaf (129). Faint traces of an earlier now undcipherable gloss are covered by sas\, [s]·äk\ and saṃ. For the monastery name Porociṃ, which also occurs in a later addition to A 54, A 54 a2bis, and in THT 4023, see Ogihara 2014: 112-114, who suggests that it can perhaps be identified with the so-called "Stadthöhle" in Šorčuq.
n3Under the last section of this line (caṣ postäk...) a smaller and fainter line is found. Under postäk the word [ku]sne 'who' is relatively clear, but the following cannot be deciphered: under por[o]ci[ṃ] Peyrot 2015b: 110 reads as above, b4x.


Sanskrit text (lines a1-b4) containing glosses and a colophon in TA (and TB?) on verso.
The Sanskrit text has been omitted from the transcription/transliteration.


Online access

IDP: SHT 525/56


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