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Work in progress

PS Uv 67

Known as:PS Uv 67
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Editor:Michaël Peyrot
Date of online publication:2015-02-23


Main find spot:Duldur-Akhur
Specific find spot:DA fd
Collection:Bibliothèque nationale de France, fonds Pelliot Koutchéen (Paris)

Language and Script

Language:TB; Sanskrit
Linguistic stage:classical

Text contents

Title of the work:Udānastotra, Udānavarga
Passage:24a, 24c [shorter version], Uv17.10a-Uv18.8c,
Text genre:Literary
Text subgenre:Doctrine


Material: ink on paper
Size (h × w):7.5 × 11.3 cm


a1/// [9] u da ke na ni ja [n]ti n· j· k[ā] i [ṣu] ///
a2/// su ga[ṃ] [bh]ī ro v[i] pra saṃ no hya nā vi la [ḥ] e v·(·) ·[ru] ///
a3/// va da pra kaṃ pa ya ḥ hra da i va hi [v]i [n]ī ///
a4/// u da ka vā¯ ¯rg po e k[ṣ]a l(·)iṃ po – ///
a5/// ·[sñ]· ne ·eṃ ṣī ma¯ ¯r ·[au] ///
a6/// [lo] ·[aṃ] ///
b1/// [k]· ///
b2/// sa mū la (·)tu ni(·) [v]· – ///
b3/// [t]· tra [v]ai va tsa kṣī ra pa ka i va [m]· ///
b4/// nni rvā ṇaṃ su ga te na d[e] śi ta¯ ¯m 5 ya [th]· ///
b5/// – [th]ā tu ru ci raṃ pu ṣpaṃ va rṇa va tsyā tsu [g]· ///
b6/// va he ṭha [ya¯] [¯n] [pa] [r]ai – [ra] sa mā dā [ya] ///


a1 n1 /// 9 udakena nijanti n·j·kā iṣu ///
a2 n2 /// sugaṃbhīro viprasaṃno hy anāvilaḥ ev·· ·ru ///
a3 n3 /// vad aprakaṃpayaḥ hrada iva hi vinī ///
a4 n4
Xx /// ; udakavārg
Xx po ekṣal(y)iṃ ; po(yśñana) ; /// a5n5 /// ; (orot)sñ(e)ne ; (m)eṃṣīmar ; (yn)au(ṣkak) ///
a6 n6 /// lo ·aṃ ///
b1 n7 /// k· ///
b2 n8 /// samūla· tu ni·v· – ///
b3 n9 /// t·tra vai vatsa kṣīrapaka iva m· ///
b4 n10 /// n nirvāṇaṃ sugatena deśitam 5 yath· ///
b5 n11 /// – thā tu ruciraṃ puṣpaṃ varṇavat syāt sug· ///
b6 n12 /// v aheṭhayan parai – rasam ādāya ///


Parallel texts

PK NS 27


Translation: See PK NS 27 b2-b3.

Philological commentary

n1 = Uv17.10a–b
n2 = Uv17.11a–c
n3 = Uv17.12b–c
n4 = UdS24a
n5 = UdS24c. Note that the parallel PK NS 27 b3 has the perlative sg. B_orotsñesa .
n6 = Uv18.1b
n7 = Uv18.2b
n8 = Uv18.3c–d
n9 = Uv18.4c–d
n10 = Uv18.5c–6a
n11 = Uv18.7a–b
n12 = Uv18.8b–c