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IOL Toch 868

Known as:IOL Toch 868; IOL Toch 868.a; IOL Toch 868.b
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Editor:Michaël Peyrot


Main find spot:Unknown
Collection:British Library (London)

Language and Script

Language:Skt.; TB
Linguistic stage:classical

Text contents

Title of the work:Karmavācanā
Text genre:Literary
Text subgenre:Vinaya


Material: ink on paper
Size (h × w):4.3 × 15.3 cm
Number of lines:4


Images from idp.bl.uk by courtesy of the International Dunhuang Project and the British Library.


a1a va śi ṣṭ[ā] ḥ || [ś]k· śce meṃ ne p[o]· [t]· [n]·¯ ¯nt pā [k]·e ·e ṣl[e] [•] (–) ·[g]· t· m[ā] y[u] ///
a2de ko na rā tri dvau ○ mā sā rdha mā sa śca sai k[a] rā trī e ka mā sā – ///
a3ṣṭā || ṣu kta ñce meṃ ne pa lle ntne we ṣle • ni rga ta mā yu ṣmā nto va rṣā [d]e k[o] ///
a4mā sa sai ka rā trī e ka mā sā va śi ṣṭā || ṣu kta ñce meṃ ne po sta ·[o] ·[ta] [pā] [k]· ///
b1ta mā yu ṣma nto va rṣā de ko na rā tri tra yo – [s]ā rdha mā sa śca [s]ai [kā] rā tri ///
b2śi ṣṭā || o kta ñce ○ meṃ ne pa lle ntne we ṣle • ni rga ta mā yu ṣma ·t[o] va [r]·· ///
b3tvā ro mā sā sai ka rā tri a va śi ṣṭā || cai ṣmā [y]· me ñi a rā re || o kta – ///
b4pā kṣne we ṣle • ni rga ta mā yu ṣma nto he ma n[t]ā· [e] – [n]· rā tri [a] rdha mā sa sai – ///


a1avaśiṣṭāḥśk(a)śce meṃne po(s)t(a)n(o)nt pāk(ṣn)e (w)eṣle(nir)g(a)t(a)m āyu(ṣmanto) (varṣā)-
a2-dn1 ekonarātri dvau māsārdhamāsaś ca saikarātrī ekamāsā(rdhamāsāvaśi)-
a3-ṣṭāṣuktañce meṃne pällentne weṣlenirgatam āyuṣmānto varṣād eko(rātri) (trayo)
a4māsa saikarātrī ekamāsāvaśiṣṭāṣuktañce meṃne posta(n)o(n)t«†ä» pāk(ṣne) (weṣle) (•) (nirga)-
b1-tam āyuṣmanto varṣād ekonarātri trayo (mā)sārdhamāsaś ca saikārātri (ardhamāsāva)-
b2-śiṣṭāoktañce meṃne pällentne weṣlenirgatam āyuṣma(n)to var(ṣā) (hemantād) (ca)-
b3-tvāro māsā saikarātri avaśiṣṭācai ṣmāy(i) meñi arāreokta(ñce) (meṃne) (postanont)
b4n2 pākṣne weṣlenirgatam āyuṣmanto hemantā(d) e(ko)n(a)rātri ardhamāsa sai(karātri) (trayo) (māsā) (ardhamāsāvaśiṣṭā) (॥)



The fragment is composed of the large fragment IOL Toch 868.a (4,3 × 13,0 cm) to the left and the small fragment IOL Toch 868.b (4,2 × 2,3 cm) to the right. The upper, lower, and left margin, and the string hole space have been preserved.

Philological commentary

n1-ś ca: it seems as if an original vowel sign has been wiped out.
n2: the last part of the formula must have continued on leaf 7, approximately in the middle of trayo. Thus, yo māsā ardhamāsāvaśiṣṭā || was found on leaf 7.



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Online access

IDP: IOL Toch 868.a, IOL Toch 868.b


Tamai 2007: №868; Ogihara 2009: 149



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