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A 416

Known as:A 416; THT 1050
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Editor:Gerd Carling; Angelo Mascheroni


Main find spot:Siŋgim
Expedition code:T II S 19.12
Collection:Berlin Turfan Collection (BBAW)

Language and Script

Language:TA; Sanskrit

Text contents

Text genre:Literary


Manuscript:A 415-416
Material: ink on paper
Number of lines:4



a1/// ·s· gha ///
a2/// [tv]ā rya saṃ gha : ///
a3/// kā : yā wä rya ci ntā [m]· ///
a4/// yā sā mā ///
b1/// mā r· c· ///
b2/// pa saṃ pa tpre kṣī ṇī • k· ///
b3/// [¯l] : a ha mu tsa ///
b4/// ·[ī] [•] [tā] ///


a1 /// ·s(aṃ)gha ///
a2 /// tv āryasaṃgha : ///
a3 /// kā : wäryacintā m· ///
a4 /// sāmā ///
b1 /// mār·c· ///
b2 /// pasaṃpatprekṣīṇī • k· ///
b3 /// l : aham utsa ///
b4 /// ·ī • ///


a1 ...
a2 ...
a3 ... Vīryacintā ...
a4 ...
b1 ...
b2 ...
b3 ...
b4 ...



Part of a "Nonnenritual", as noticed by Sieg and Siegling 1921: 229. The name wäryacintā appears in A 408.p a4;, b1, A 415 a2;, b2, probably in A 416.a b3 and, according to Ogihara 2009: 474, also in m-tht4026 a2. Fragments A 415-416 have been identified as Karmavācanā by Ogihara 2009: 481.
Transcription and translation are based on Carling et al. 2009.
Transcription and references have been transferred from the "Text and Reference Database of the Tocharian A Language" (Gerd Carling Lund University) (funded by the Bank of Sweden Tercentenary Foundation and SCAS).


Online access

IDP: THT 1050; TITUS: THT 1050


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