Ogihara 2014b

Ogihara, Hirotoshi. 2014b. “Lists of former Buddhas in Tocharian texts: A comparative study of unearthed manuscripts and captions in Kumtura cave No. 34.” Literature & History of the Western Regions 9: 33–49.

Used for manuscripts:A 256; IOL Toch 128; THT 74
Used for words:atyuccagāmī; atyuttame; aniruddhe; aniruddhe; arthadarśi; arthadarśi; indradhvaje; indradhvaje; kāśyap; kāśyap; kāśyapi; kāśyapnäṣ; kāśyapsa; kauṇḍinye; kauṇḍiṇye; kauṇḍinyentse; kṣemaṅkareṃ; kṣemaṅgare; dipaṅkare; dīpaṅkare; dipaṅkarsa; dhṛdhirāṣṭre; paramārtthadarśi; paramārthadarśi; praṇāte; praṇāde; praṇādeṃ; prabhaṅkar; prabhaṅkare; ratnaśikhiṃ; ratnaśśikhi; ratnaśśīkhi; śrīsambhave; śrīsaṃbhave; śrīsambhaveṃ; ṣemaṅkarsa; sujāte; sūjāte; hitaiṣi; hītaiṣi