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IOL Toch 369

Known as:IOL Toch 369; D 10
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Editor:Michaël Peyrot; Hannes A. Fellner


Main find spot:Unknown
Collection:British Library (London)

Language and Script

Linguistic stage:archaic
Script:very archaic

Text contents

Text genre:Literary


Material: ink on paper
Number of lines:3+


Images from idp.bl.uk by courtesy of the International Dunhuang Project and the British Library.


a1/// [|] k· pa rai ///
a2/// ·ai ne pa ntai – ///
a3/// – ś·ai mpā wä – ///
b1/// • a· k· ///
b2/// we ñe¯ ¯u we ntsī • ///
b3/// – – – l·ā – ///


a1/// । rai ///
a2/// ·aine pantai – ///
a3/// – ś·aimpā – ///
b1/// • a·k· ///
b2/// weñeu wentsī • ///
b3/// – – – l·ā – ///



One of the most archaic Tocharian manuscripts that shows an older leftward-bound 〈e〉 and 〈ai〉 beside rightward-bind ones; for the script type see Malzahn 2007a: 268.

Alternative linguistic/paleographic classifications

Peyrot 2008A2
Malzahn 2007aA1
Tamai 2011C14


Online access

IDP: IOL Toch 369


Peyrot 2007: №369; Peyrot 2014a: 144



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