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Meaning:“assembly, council, meeting, retinue, company, entourage”
Word class:noun
Equivalent in TA:wartsi
Lexeme variants:wertsyaine


sg pl du
nom wertsiya
acc wertsiyai wertsiyaṃ
gen wertsiyantse
loc wertsiyaine, wertsyaine wertsiyaṃne
comit wertsyaimpa
abl wertsiyaimeṃ
perl wertsiyaisa

Lexeme family



1Or 8212.163 a3; pelaikne se ;wertsyaine
2PK NS 22 a5; mā pälkan-ne ;wert(sy)aia6(ne)
3PK NS 263 a4/// a4///wertsyainepo tu perak ///
4SI P 2 a2ywārcwertsyaine; plyews= iprerne ;
5THT 5 b7; saṅkaṣṣai tāu ;wertsyaine:
6THT 6 b6·k· /// b6///wertsyaine100-3 ceu /// b7
7THT 7 a3; ślok pudñäkte ;wertsyaine///
8THT 12 b4wrotsaiwertsyainete wñās ; sāṅkne
9THT 13 b7/// b7/// –wertsyainelyāka /// b8///
10THT 14 a5; wi śloka(nma) ;wertsyaine «:»
11THT 16 b2pyop tīrtheṣṣai ;wertsyaine:
12THT 18 b6wrotsaiwert(sy)ai(ne); (śka-)maiyy= āksaṣṣi ;
13THT 20 a2m· ; pudñäkte ślokwea3(rtsyaine) (:)
14THT 23 a8werts(y)ai(n)e– – – – b1– – –
15THT 29 a2a2/// ;w(er)tsy(ai)ne; weña kätkr= ārtho
16THT 30 a2toṃ ślokanma ;wertsyaine; ākṣa cets ; palsko tsārwässiś •
17THT 34 b3; ce ślok ākṣawertsyaine20-5
18THT 49 b3ot tā we(ña) ;(w)ertsyaine; wī ///
19THT 128 b7añcali ṣärne ;wert(sy)ai(n)e– – ; – – – ·i
20THT 134 b3wertsyainewrottsai ; weñī pī
21THT 246 a2yapit wat nowertsyaine
22THT 255 b2; mā prutkäṣṣäṃ ;we(rtsyai)b3ne:
23THT 622 b6/// b6/// wrotsaiwertsyaineskwats= aikne /// b7