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PK NS 174

Known as:PK NS 174
Cite this page as:Athanaric Huard. "PK NS 174". In A Comprehensive Edition of Tocharian Manuscripts (CEToM). Created and maintained by Melanie Malzahn, Martin Braun, Hannes A. Fellner, and Bernhard Koller. https://cetom.univie.ac.at/?m-pkns174 (accessed 23 May 2024).


Editor:Athanaric Huard


Collection:Bibliothèque nationale de France, fonds Pelliot Koutchéen (Paris)

Language and Script



a1/// swa r· na : bo ddhya ṅka ///
a2/// bhṛ gu a ṅgī re śa ///
a3/// ·e – ne ntsa ·i ///
b1/// – k· k· ///
b2/// – ñk· po sta nmeṃ wat ke ///
b3/// pai sa ye sta [nn/tt]au • swe – ///


a1/// swar(e)nä : boddhyaṅkä(ṣṣe) ///
a2/// ñi bhṛgu aṅgīre śa ///
a3/// ·enentsa ·i ///
b1/// – ///
b2/// ñk(e) postanmeṃ wat ke ///
b3/// paisan1 yes tattaun2swe(se) ///


a1… sweet …; of the requisites towards enlightenment …
a2… Bhṛgu, Aṅgiras …
b2… now or later …
b3… I put you on (the donkey ?). Rain …


Philological commentary

n1At the beginning of the line, (kerca)paisa might be restored.
n2tattau: the most likely reading would be tannau, but this would not fit with a known verbal paradigm (the root would be tännā-, cf. pännau ppt. of pännā-). As ta and na could be confused, it is here interpreted as the 1sg. of tättā- ‘to put’. Alternatively, a form of nānā- ‘to appear’.