CEToM | Ching and Ogihara 2010

Ching and Ogihara 2010

Ching, Chao-jung, and Hirotoshi Ogihara. 2010. “Internal relationships and dating of the Tocharian B monastic accounts in the Berlin collection.” Studies on the Inner Asian Languages 25: 75–141.

Used for manuscripts:THT 434; m-tht2679; m-tht2680; m-tht2690; m-tht2691; m-tht2749; m-tht2773
Used for words:kalāś; kalāśi; kalāśiṃ; kalāśe; kalāśśiṃ; pañcwarike; śwelyāṅk; śwelyāṅkne; saṅkästere

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