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THT 2680

Known as:THT 2680; Prelim. No. 5845
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Editor:Adrian Musitz


Collection:Berlin Turfan Collection

Language and Script

Linguistic stage:late

Text contents

Text genre:Non-literary
Text subgenre:Account


Material: ink on paper



a1(– – – –) [k]· py· r·[¯] [¯s] ///
a2pa ñcwa ri ke i ndra ra kṣi te [ly]· ///
a3śa kwe ne ka pyā re¯ ¯[s] wā ///
a4pa ñcwa ri ke i ndra ra kṣi te lyā ka ///
a5pä le kne ka pyā re¯ ¯s wā kte wi to¯ – ///
a6[pa] ñcwa ri ke i ndra ra kṣi te lyā ka ¤ – ///
a7śa ṣka sne ka pyā re¯ ¯s kle se wi to ///
a9/// [ri] ke ndre na ra kṣi te lyā ka ¤ sa ·[ka] ///
a10/// kne ka pyā re¯ ¯s kle se wi to¯ ¯m ·i ///
a11/// ·[ā] – [ra] [k]·i ·e [l]·ā ka ¤ [s]· ///


a1/// k(a)py(ā)r(e)s ///
a2pañcwarike indrarakṣite ly(āka) ///
a3śak w«e/i»ne kapyāres wā(kte) ///
a4pañcwarike indrarakṣite lyāka ///
a5pälekne n1 kapyāres wākte wi to(m) ///
a6pañcwarike indrarakṣite lyāka ¤n2 ///
a7śaṣkäsne kapyāres klese wi to(m) /// (ṣa)-
a8-ṅkäṃ ///
a9(pañcwa)rike «ndre/jñā»narakṣite n3 lyāka ¤sa(ṅ)kä(stere) ///
a10/// (śak) (ṣu)kne kapyāres klese wi tom (p)i(ś) (ṣaṅkäṃ) ///
a11/// (jñ)ā(na)rak(ṣ)i(t)e l(y)āka ¤s(aṅkästere) ///


a1... to the kapyāri...
a2The Pañcwarike Indrarakṣite saw it...
a3On day twenty two, wākte of/for the kapyāri: ...
a4The Pañcwarike Indrarakṣite saw it...
a5On the day of the full moon, wākte for the kapyāri: two pecks.
a6The Pañcwarike Indrarakṣite saw it ¤
a7On day sixteen, klese of/for the kapyāri: two pecks...
a9The Pañcwarike Jñānarakṣite saw it ¤. The Saṅkastere...
a10On day seventeen, klese for the kapyāri: two pecks, five pints...
a11The Pañcwarike Jñānarakṣite saw it ¤. The Saṅkastere...


Philological commentary

n1Compare the form pratiwaṃkne
n2The signature only consists of the abbreviated word for 'signature' (Ching and Ogihara 2010: 85, fn. 23).
n3It must be 'jñā', but the akṣara is written like 'ndre'. 'jña' has one more loop than 'ndre'. Likely a scribal error.


Online access

IDP: THT 2680; TITUS: THT 2680


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