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THT 462

Known as:THT 462; B 462
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Editor:Adrian Musitz


Main find spot:Kizil Ming-öy
Collection:Berlin Turfan Collection

Language and Script

Linguistic stage:late

Text contents

Text genre:Non-literary
Text subgenre:Account


Following fragment:THT 461
Material: ink on paper



a1śta rcce pra «ti» w· ·n· ///
a2tune¯ ¯k ka pyā re¯ ¯s śwa si ṣṣe śwā r· [c]· [k]· ·[m]· ///
a3mi ka pri śka ntse k[a] ·c·
a4e ṣe wa ltsā re ci na tyu ti ntse ka pci •
a5o ta¯ ¯k tu ki kaṃ ntse pe ri sa rmwā tsai śi ṅke ntse ya¯ ¯p wsā wa cā kta rya tau¯ ¯m
a6/// ·e [ya]¯ ¯[p] ca k· le ye rpsa blank ca ku le ntse ka pci
a7/// – ///

(continues on THT 461)


a1śtarcce pratiw(aṅk)n(e)n1 ///
a2tunek kapyāres śwasiṣṣe śwār(a) c(a)k(an)m(a) ///
a3mikapriśkantse ka(p)c(i)
a4eṣe waltsāre cinatyutintse kapci
a5otakn2 tukikäṃntse peri sarmwātsai śiṅkentse yapn2 wsāwa cāk tärya taum
a6(tun)e yap cak(u)le yerpsa cakulentse n3 kapci
a7/// – ///

(continues on THT 461)


a1(In the) fourth (month) on the day of the full moon...
a2Therein, for the consumption of the kapyāri: four piculs...
a3Mikapriśka's finger-measure.
a4... ground together. Cinatyuti's finger-measure.
a5Then, through the debt of Tukik..., I gave Śiṅle barley: a picul, three pecks.
a6Therein, Cakule oversaw the barley. Cakule's finger-measure.

(continues on THT 461)


Philological commentary

n1This akṣara is written smaller than the others. It was added in later.
n2otak has the virāma-dot on the 'ta', just as yap has it on 'ya'.
n3This name is composed of ca- (cf. casene and catewe in SI 5874 a7) and -kule.


Online access

IDP: THT 462; TITUS: THT 462


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