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THT 322

Known as:THT 322; B 322; Bleistiftnummer 2489
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Main find spot:Qizil Miŋ-Öy
Expedition code:T III MQ 49.2
Collection:Berlin Turfan Collection (BBAW)

Language and Script

Linguistic stage:classical

Text contents

Title of the work:Bhikṣu-Prātimokṣasūtra
Passage:Saikṣ 19-31
Text genre:Literary
Text subgenre:Vinaya


Manuscript:THT 314-323
Leaf number:20-5
Material: ink on paper
Number of lines:7


Images from by courtesy of the International Dunhuang Project, the Berlin-Brandenburgische Akademie der Wissenschaften, and the Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin – Orientabteilung.


a1ṅk[e] sa sai nu o sne ṣma lle 10 8 mā kau wca tsi –
a2sau o sne yä nma s̝a lle 10 9 mā kau wca tsi mu
a3sau o sne ṣma lle 20 mā wä tsi tse ke pe ce tte
a4la ṅka ske ma ne ya nma s̝s̝a lle 20-1 mā ke
a5pe ce tte laka ske ma ne o sne ṣma lle 20 2 mā
a6po kai wi pa ske ma ne o sne ṣma ya nma s̝a le
a720 3 mā po kai wi pa ske ma ne o sne ṣ[m]a le [20]
b14 mā ā ścä wi pa ske ma ne o sne yä nma s̝s̝a [le]
b220 5 mā ā świ pa ske ma ne o sne ṣma lle 20 6
b3mā ā tse ne trī wä ske ma ne o sne yä nma s̝a
b4lle 20 7 mā ā tsaṃ ne tri wä ske ma ne o [sn]e
b5ṣma lle 20 8 mā ke tsä tri wa ske ma ne o ·e
b6yä nma s̝s̝a lle 20 9 mā ke k[t]se ñtri wä ske [ma]
b7ne o s[n]e ṣma lle 30 mā ṣa rsa ā l[y]au ce –


a1 ṅke sasainu osne ṣmalle 10-8 mā kauwcatsi (mu)
a2 sau osne yänmaṣälle 10-9 mā kauw catsi mu
a3 sau osne ṣmalle 20 mā wätsitse kepec ette
a4 laṅkaskemane yanmaṣṣälle 20-1 mā ke
a5 pec ette läṅkäskemane osne ṣmalle 20-2 mā
a6 pokai wipäskemane osne ṣma yanmaṣäle
a7 20-3 mā pokai wipäskemane osne ṣmale 20
b1 4 mā āścä wipäskemane osne yänmaṣṣäle
b2 20-5 mā āś wipäskemane osne ṣmalle 20-6
b3 mā ātsene trīwäskemane osne yänmaṣä
b4 lle 20-7 mā ātsaṃne triwäskemane osne
b5 ṣmalle 20-8 mā ketsä triwaskemane o(sn)e
b6 yänmaṣṣälle 20-9 mā kektseñ triwäskema-
b7 -ne osne ṣmalle 30 mā ṣarsa ālyauce


Online access

IDP: THT 322; TITUS: THT 322


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