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THT 2689

Known as:THT 2689; Prelim. No. 5854
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Editor:Adrian Musitz


Collection:Berlin Turfan Collection

Language and Script

Linguistic stage:late

Text contents

Text genre:Non-literary
Text subgenre:Account


Material: ink on paper



a1/// – ///
a2– ñcwa ri ke ta rma ra kṣi – ///
a3ṣ·a sme ña ntse ne sā ṅki¯ ¯ś ///
a4·[e] ña ntse ne wi ka lā śiṃ – – ///
a5ñu me ña ntse ne sā ṅki¯ ¯ś ṣa [l]yw[e] ///
a6wā lyi¯ ¯ś ṣa lywe ṣa¯ ¯ṅk ke wye e śyai n· ///
a7śa kme ña ntse ne sā ṅki¯ ¯ś ṣa lywe wi ka l· ///
a8lā śśiṃ ÷ ///
a9/// ·ṣ· ma ra kṣi te lyā ka ¤ sa – st· r· ·ñ· ///
a10/// sā ṅki¯ ¯ś ṣa lywe ma sa wi ka lā śś·· k· wy· sa ṅka tse [co] [ka]
a11/// ·ā ·i – lywe ma sa wi ka lā śśiṃ ke wye śa ktr[ai] yne wi ka ///
a12/// śi· ke wye ÷ pa le kne wi ka lā śiṃ ke wye ///
a13/// ¤ blank sa ṅka ste re jñā na te we śa rsa ¤
a14/// [l]· ·[i] ///


a1/// – ///
a2(pa)ñcwarike tarmarakṣi(te) ///
a3ṣ(k)as meñantsene sāṅkiś ///
a4(m)eñantsene wi kalāśiṃ – – ///
a5ñu meñantsene sāṅkiś ṣalywe ///
a6wālyiś ṣalywe ṣaṅk kewye eśyai n1 ///
a7śak meñantsene sāṅkiś ṣalywe wi kal(āśśiṃ) /// (ka)-
a8-lāśśiṃ ÷ ///
a9(pañcwarike) (k)ṣ(e)marakṣite lyāka ¤sa(ṅkä)st(e)r(e) (j)ñ(ānatewe) ///
a10/// sāṅkiś ṣalywe masa wi kalāśś(iṃ) k(e)wy(e) saṅkatse coka(ṣe)n2 ///
a11(s)ā(ṅk)i(ś) (ṣa)lywe masa wi kalāśśiṃ kewye śak traiyne wi ka(lāśiṃ) ///
a12(kalā)śi(ṃ) kewye ÷ pälekne wi kalāśiṃ kewye ///
a13(lyāka) ¤saṅkästere jñānatewe śarsa ¤///
a14/// (ka)l(āśś)i(ṃ) ///


a2The Pañcwarike Tarmarakṣite...
a3On day of the month six, ... for the saṅgha...
a4On day of the month...: two spoonfuls...
a5On day of the month nine, oil for the saṅgha...
a6Oil for wālyi: a pint, boivne...
a7On day of the month ten, oil for the saṅgha: two spoonfuls...
a9The Pañcwarike Kṣemarakṣite saw it ¤. The Saṅkastere Jñānatewe...
a10Oil for the saṅgha was spent: two spoonfuls, bovine. ... for the lamp of the saṅgha...
a11Oil for the saṅgha was spent: two spoonfuls, bovine. On day thirteen, two spoonfuls...
a12Spoonfuls, bovine ÷ On the day of the full moon, two spoonfuls, bovine...
a13saw it ¤. The Saṅkastere Jñānatewe knew about it ¤...
a14... spoonfuls...


Philological commentary

n1Two hapax legomena in one line. wālyiś is in complementary distribution to sāṅkiś, so it has to be the place where the oil is used. eśyai could be the oblique of a putative *eśya, and 'n·' could be the locative suffix 'ne'. Ching connects it to eśyāṣṣe (transcribing it as eśyeṣṣe for some reason) in THT 2766 a1, arguing that it is either a personal name or some derivation of ek 'eye'.
n2The first akṣara doesn't really look like co.


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