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PK NS 112

Known as:PK NS 112; Pelliot Koutchéen Nouvelle Série 112
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Editor:Georges-Jean Pinault; Hannes A. Fellner (collaborator)
Date of online publication:2014-08


Expedition code:M 442
Collection:Bibliothèque nationale de France, fonds Pelliot Koutchéen (Paris)

Language and Script

Linguistic stage:classical

Text contents

Text genre:Literary
Text subgenre:Doctrine
Verse/Prose:prose; verse


Material: ink on paper
Size (h × w):7.2 × 12.3 cm
Number of lines:5
Interline spacing:1.5 cm


Images from gallica.bnf.fr by courtesy of the Bibliothèque nationale de France, Département des Manuscrits, Pelliot koutchéen.


a1/// [mā] ka pñi nau ṣyā mu wa saṃ sā rne kle śa nma
a2/// tā tñi ṣpo no lmi ṣno ma nä kṣiṃ ka rtse
a3/// stwe¯ ¯r : tā no¯ ¯t yo lyyai pre śyai ne la
a4/// [da] ri nne || pa¯ ¯ṣ snai ne rke saṃ sā rne po
a5/// cyo mpo staṃ : po ña tse nta wī ka skau¯ ¯cä
b1/// yā mtsi : ṣe me ra no kṣa ṇa ṣṣe to tka
b2/// yso mo cī sa ta ttau : kwri no śa mta¯ ¯r te
b3/// ·[ta] ñe ṣṣe a kā lka¯ ¯ś pra kreṃ pa lsko : 2
b4/// [ñ]·¯ ¯śta rsa wa wā yau pra tha gja ññe
b5/// – ¯cä : ka ru nmeṃ no po yśiṃ ñe ka llā lle ke


a1/// māka pñi nauṣ yāmuwa saṃsārne kleśanma
a2n1 /// (krä)tātñi ṣp onolmi ṣnoma-näkṣiṃ kärtse-
a3-(ritāñ) /// (kä)stwer : tān ot yolyyai preśyaine lä-
a4-(klenta)n2 /// darinne
1bpaṣ snai nerke saṃsārne ; po a5 /// cy ompostäṃ :
1dpo ñatsenta wīkäskau-c ; b1 /// yāmtsi :
2bṣeme rano kṣaṇaṣṣe ; totka b2 /// ysomo ; cīsa tattau :
2dkwri no śamtar teb3(lkine) /// ; (pañäk)täñeṣṣe akālkäś ; prakreṃ palsko : 2
3cñ(i)ś mātärsa wawāyau ; präthagjaññe b5 /// – c :
3dkarunmeṃ no poyśiṃñe ; källālle ke (ktseñ)


a1... having previously done much merit, ... the passions in the saṃsāra ...
a2+... and the grateful beings destroying the decay (?) [and] (seeking) the good ...
a3... by night.
a3+Then in this evil time the sufferings ...
a4... in the tune ... Go without delay in the saṃsāra,
a4+all ... following you.
a5I will chase away all distresses.
b1... in order to do.
b1+Even the small (period) of a single instant ... totally I will stand by you.
b2+But if you go (to the sacrifice?) ... the firm mind towards the wish of Buddha rank.
b4+... I guided by the mother, ... the profane state ... you (?).
b5But out of compassion I shall obtain the body of the omniscient ...



This fragment may belong to the same manuscript as PK NS 56. It is the right part of a leaf including the right margin. It shows traces of horizontal and vertical ruling.

Philological commentary

n1The form ṣnoma which is here a first member of a verbal governing compound with -näkṣi as a second member is also attested in m-tht1392i a2 in the form ṣnom.
n2The metrical passage seems to follow a type of 4x18 syllables with a rhythm of 7/7/4.