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PK DA M 507.33

Known as:PK DA M 507.33; PK Cp 33
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Editor:Adrian Musitz


Collection:Bibliothèque nationale de France, fonds Pelliot Koutchéen (Paris)

Language and Script


Text contents

Text genre:Non-literary
Text subgenre:Account


Material: on paper
Number of lines:12


a1/// śwā lle wsa re pa ñi kte pā ke ka lwa ṣe me 1
a2/// [ke] nta ka lwa wi 2 «†[ṣe]» «†[me]» «†[kuṃ]» «†[ñ][ca]» «†[ke]» «†[ka]» «†[mā]» «†[te]» «†[1]» «ṣe» «me» «pa» «rśi» «re» «ka» «mā» «te» «pi» «sa»
a3/// wa sa
a4/// l[w]a wi 2 ṣe me ke rca pi śke ka mā te | ṣe me ra
a5/// [lw]· wi 2 ṣe me yśi ñā tsi ka mā te pi sa 5
a6/// [ñi] kte pa ke nta ka lwa wi 2 ṣe me śi la so me śwe rsa 4
a7/// – me ci na tyu ti ka mā te trai ysa 3
a8/// me mi kki ne ka mā te pi ssa 5
a9/// [lw]a wi 2 ṣe me tā tsi ka mā te pi ssa 5
a10/// – ñi kte pa ke nta ka lwa wi 2 s̝ka [s]ā[¯] [¯r]
a11/// [ñ]i kte pa ke nta ka lwa wi 2 pi śā¯ ¯r pla
a12/// ka lwa wi 2 pi śā¯ ¯r pla ṅkā re cā


a1 /// śwālle wsare pañikte pāke kalwa ṣeme 1
a2 /// (pa)kenta kalwa wi 2 ṣeme parśire kamāte pisa
a3 /// wasa
a4 /// (ka)lwa wi 2 ṣeme kercapiśke kamāteṣeme ra-
a5 -(ktaswiñi) /// (ka)lw(a) wi 2 ṣeme yśiñātsin1 kamāte pisa 5
a6 (pa)ñikte pakenta kalwa wi 2 ṣeme śilasome śwersa 4 ///
a7 (ṣe)me cinatyuti kamāte traiysa 3 ///
a8 (ṣe)me mikkinen2 kamāte pissa 5 ///
a9 (ka)lwa wi 2 ṣeme tātsi kamāte pissa 5 ///
a10 (pa)ñikte pakenta kalwa wi 2 ṣkäsār ///
a11 (pa)ñikte pakenta kalwa wi 2 piśār plä(ṅkāre) ///
a12 kalwa wi 2 piśār pläṅkāre cā-
a13 -(neṃtsa)


a1 /// (some people) gave food. The Buddha received a part: one 1.
a2 /// ... received parts: two 2. Parśire took one (for the price of) five (coins).
a3 /// ... gave ...
a4 /// ... received ...: two 2. Kercapiśke took one | Ra(ktaswiñi took) one ... ///
a5 /// ... received ...: two 2. Yśiñātsi took one (for the price of) five 5 (coins).
a6 /// ... The buddha recieved parts: two 2. Śilasome took one (for the price of) four 4 (coins).
a7 /// ... Cinatyuti took one (for the price of) three 3 (coins).
a8 /// ... Mikkine took one (for the price of) five 5 (coins).
a9 /// ... recieved ...: two 2. Tātsi took one (for the price of) five 5 (coins).
a10 /// ... The Buddha received parts: two 2, (they were sold for the price of) six (coins each).
a11 /// ... The Buddha received parts: two 2, they were sold (for the price of) five (coins each).
a12 /// ... received ...: two 2. They were sold (for the price of five) coins each. For coins...


Philological commentary

n1 yśiñātsi looks like it is the same form as siñātsi/sijñātsi (PK DA M 507.35 a31, PK DA M 507.35 a47, PK DA M 507.38 a42). It is unclear what kind of sound is behind this variation, but it is obvious that it is not within the phonemic inventory of Tocharian. The same yś- onset is attested in yśuhkwā, suggesting that both of these names stem from the same language. Ching 2010: 432 argues that yśiñātsi is Chinese 十娘子 and siñātsi is 四娘子, 'the tenth daughter' and 'the fourth daughter', respectively.
n2 reading uncertain, mikkite or mikkine



Ching 2010: 117; 153-154; 473; Pinault 1994d: 46-47


Ching 2010

Ching, Chao-jung. 2010. “Secular documents in Tocharian: Buddhist economy and society in the Kucha region.” PhD thesis, Paris: École Pratique des Hautes Études.

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