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Known as:PK AS 6I; Pelliot Koutchéen Ancienne Série 6I
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Editor:Georges-Jean Pinault; Melanie Malzahn (collaborator); Michaël Peyrot (collaborator)
Date of online publication:2012-02


Main find spot:Duldur-akur
Collection:Bibliothèque nationale de France, fonds Pelliot Koutchéen (Paris)

Language and Script

Linguistic stage:classical

Text contents

Title of the work:Udānālaṅkāra
Text genre:Literary
Text subgenre:Doctrine


Manuscript:Udānālaṅkāra PK AS 6 etc.
Material: ink on paper
Size (h × w):8 × 8.2 cm
Number of lines:7
Interline spacing:1.2 cm


Images from gallica.bnf.fr by courtesy of the Bibliothèque nationale de France, Département des Manuscrits, Pelliot koutchéen.


a1/// [ta]¯ ¯[r] ṣa¯ ¯ñ [kr](·) ntya kne : ///
a2/// [k]a sa • toṃ pa lska lyñe nta ///
a3/// ¯ñc [la] kle sa mka ○ ///
a4/// [ai] śau mye (–) (·)[k](·) (·)k(·) nā ○ ///
a5/// ·[m]· mā wa sa sta ○ ///
a6/// [kwa] reṃ yä lloṃ ṣṣeṃ ya ///
a7/// [kle] [w]ä rpa na ta¯ ¯r ///
b1/// – kuse mā ca m[pe] ///
b2/// ta rka¯ ¯ñc a śā w[e] ///
b3/// (·)k(·) lyñe nta e ṅka ṣli ○ ///
b4/// [lyñ](·) nta pa(·) (·)[ko] ā ○ ///
b5/// ma [lyñ]e [w]ä ntrā ○ ///
b6/// ·mwe pre te pa pā ṣṣu śle ///
b7/// – ¯[y] [m](·) (·)e ta[¯] [¯r] ṣa¯ ¯[ñ] – ///


a1/// …tar ṣañ kr(e)nt yakne : ///
a2/// …kasatoṃ palskalyñenta ///
a3/// …ñc lakle sam ka… ///
a4/// aiśaumye·k· ·k· nā… ///
a5/// (wästsan)m(a) wasästä(r) ///
a6/// (rät)kwareṃ yälloṃṣṣeṃ ya(kweṃ) ///
a7/// (la)kle wärpanatär ///
b1/// – kuse campe(ṃ) ///
b2n1 /// tarkäñc aśāwe(ñ) ///
b3/// ·k·lyñenta eṅkaṣli ///
b4/// …lyñ·nta pa(ls)ko ā… ///
b5/// (la)malyñe wäntr= ā… ///
b6/// (aiś)mw eprete papāṣṣu śle ///
b7/// – y m(usk)etär ṣañ – ///


a1... he does ... in his own good way ...
a2... with/by ... These meditations ...
a3... the suffering ... that one over there ...
a4... wisdom ...
a5... he does not make wear the (cloth)es ...
a6... the (st)rong ho(rses) of the sense-functions ...
a7... he feels suffering ...
b1... the ones who were not able to ...
b2... the twisted (?) [ones], the rough [ones] ...
b3... they are bound to seize ...
b4... the thought ...
b5...the residing/sitting, the thing ...
b6... wise and resolut, having observed with ...
b7... he (per)ishes, his own ...



Left part of a leaf with the string hole.

Linguistic commentary

n1tarkäñc can be the nom.pl.masc. of an nt-stem made from the root "± to twist" (the root "to emit" is excluded because it has A-character).