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Kizil WD-II-5

Known as:Kizil WD-II-5
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Editor:Adrian Musitz


Main find spot:Qizil
Specific find spot:谷西区

Language and Script



Material: ink on wood tablet


a1– ndr· [p]· rr· ts· w[ā] kt· sā le ka mā nte cā¯ ¯k to wa 8 blank ta lu¯ ¯ś to wa 4
a2/// – se ñi sa [w]ā kte ka mā te to wa me ña ṣe to 7 blank sa l[e] mpu ko to wa 2
a3/// [k]· so¯ ¯ś kle se sā le ka mā nte to wa 9
a4– s[u] kle se sā «le» ka mā te wa 7
a5– me ñi ye ya¯ ¯p to wa 6
a6/// [t]· wa 6
a7/// to wa 6
b1/// ṣi a ka so¯ ¯ś kl· ·e [s]ā le ka mā nte cā¯ ¯k to [wa] 4
b2/// mā te k[l]e se to wa 8
b3/// pte pā ra tse me ña ṣe kle se sā le ka m[ā] nte cā¯ ¯k to wa 9
b4/// – ṣe ma ta te wai la ra cī we kle se sā le ka mā nte cā¯ ¯k to wa 3


a1 n1 /// (ca)ndr(e)p(ā)rr(ä)ts(e) wākt(e)-sāle kamānte cāk towan1 8 taluś towa 4
a2 /// (saṅka)señisa wākte kamāte towa meñaṣe to(wa) 7
a3 /// (a)k(a)soś klese-sāle kamānte towa 9
a4 /// – su klese-sā le kamāte (to)wa 7
a5 /// – meñiye yap towa 6
a6 /// t(o)wa 6
a7 /// towa 6
b1 /// ṣi akasoś kl(es)e-sāle kamānte cāk towa 4
b2 n2 /// (ka)māten2 klese towa 8
b3 /// (gu)pte pārätse meñaṣe klese-sāle kamānte cāk towa 9
b4 /// – ṣematate wai laracīwe klese-sāle kamānte cāk towa 3


a1 /// ......(与) ?-candre 拿了婆罗遮(?)的 wākte-sāle: 1 石 8 斗。Taluś: 4 斗。(或者:要给 Talu* 的:4 斗。) (Zhao and Rong 2020: 381-383)
a2 /// ......他拿了 wākte: 1 斗。月(粮): 7[斗]。Salempuko: 2 斗。 (Zhao and Rong 2020: 381-383)
a3 /// ......他们拿了要给 [Akaso*] 的 klese-sāle: 9 斗。 (Zhao and Rong 2020: 381-383)
a4 /// ......他拿了 klese-sāle: 7 [斗]。 (Zhao and Rong 2020: 381-383)
a5 /// ......月大麦: 6 斗。 (Zhao and Rong 2020: 381-383)
a6 /// ......6 [斗]。 (Zhao and Rong 2020: 381-383)
a7 /// ......6 斗。 (Zhao and Rong 2020: 381-383)
b1 /// ......他们拿了要给 Akaso* 的 klese-sāle: 1 石 4 [斗]。 (Zhao and Rong 2020: 381-383)
b2 /// [他拿了]klese: 8 斗 (Zhao and Rong 2020: 381-383)
b3 /// ?-(gu)pte 拿了婆罗遮(?)的月用 klese-sāle: 1 石 9斗。 (Zhao and Rong 2020: 381-383)
b4 /// ......ṣematate 与 Laracīwe 拿了 klese-sāle: 1 石 3 斗。 (Zhao and Rong 2020: 381-383)


Philological commentary

n1 In the original edition, this is transliterated simply as 'cāk towa', i.e. cā kto wa. This must be a mistake
n2 This could be nte as well, not mentioned in the original edition.



Zhao and Rong 2020: 381-383


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Zhao, Li, and Xinjiang Rong, eds. 2020. Cave inscriptions in Ancient Kucha. Shanghai: Zhongxi Book Company.