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Work in progress

IOL Toch 479

Known as:IOL Toch 479; D 120
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Editor:Michaël Peyrot


Main find spot:Unknown
Collection:British Library (London)

Language and Script

Language:TB; Sanskrit
Linguistic stage:classical

Text contents

Title of the work:Udānavarga
Text genre:Literary
Text subgenre:Doctrine


Material: ink on paper
Number of lines:4
Interline spacing:1.4 cm


Images from by courtesy of the International Dunhuang Project and the British Library.


a2/// ·t· ·t· ///
a3/// kne sa [ś]· [y]· ñca ///
a4/// ·[s]m· tra 6 a dhi [ce] ///
a5/// – ·[ā] ·i – ·o ///
b2/// ·r· – – [n]· n· ///
b3/// p[i] lko mā cä ñca ///
b4/// 8 sa – g[d]· [ṣ]·i ///
b5/// ·e ·e ///


a2 /// ·t· ·t· ///
a3 n1 /// (pelai)knesa ś(a)y(e)ñca(ntse) ///
a4 n2 /// (t)sm(e)trä 6 adhice(tasi) ///
a5 /// – ·ā ·i – ·o ///
b2 n3 /// (p)r(amāde)n(a) n(a) ///
b3 n4 /// pilko mā cäñca(n-ne) ///
b4 n5 /// 8 sa(mya)gd(ṛ)ṣ(ṭ)i(r) ///
b5 /// ·e ·e ///


a3 [TB] for him who (is self-restrained), lives according to the law
a4 [TB] (and is careful, fame) increases [SKT] (do not be negligent) in your minds!
b2 [SKT] (one should) not (dwell) with negligence
b3 [TB] one should not like a (wrong) view
b4 [SKT] [who has] a (completely) right view


Parallel texts

Bernhard 1965: 127-128; Lévi 1912a: 241-245; Hahn 2007: 23-24


Possibly the leaf directly following IOL Toch 928.
The lines are numbered on the assumption that the fragment is from the same ms. as IOL Toch 928: a1 may have contained 4.6a; a2 4.6b; a6 4.7b-c; b1 7d-8a. On IDP, recto and verso are reversed.

Philological commentary

n1 Uv.4.6c saṃyatasya hi dharmajīvinaḥ
n2 Uv.4.6d-7a hy apramattasya yaśo ’bhivardhate // 6 adhicetasi mā pramadyata
n3 Uv.4.8b pramādena na saṃvaset, see Dhp.167 (and Norman 2004: 26)
n4 Uv.4.8c mithyādṛṣṭiṃ na roceta, see Dhp.167 (and Norman 2004: 26)
n5 Uv.4.9a samyagdṛṣṭir adhīmātrā


Online access

IDP: IOL Toch 479


Peyrot 2007a: №479; Peyrot 2008a: 91


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