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IOL Toch 222

Known as:IOL Toch 222; H add.149.99; C.99
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Editor:Michaël Peyrot


Main find spot:Unknown
Collection:British Library (London)

Language and Script

Linguistic stage:classical

Text contents

Title of the work:Vinayavibhaṅga
Text genre:Literary
Text subgenre:Vinaya


Material: ink on paper
Size (h × w):7.0 × 11.0 cm
Number of lines:4


Images from idp.bl.uk by courtesy of the International Dunhuang Project and the British Library.


a1/// [nt]· – (–) – – /// /// [p]· kkā ka ///
a2/// – ○ cce a yī ta¯ ¯r [t]· (–) – ks· la kle ya mī ne ///
a3/// ○ – ka ka re ki we¯ ¯stä su we ña pa ñä kte [nts]e ///
a4/// – (–) – śka nte ti nā ra – ///
b1/// r· wai pe cce pa[¯] – ///
b2/// – mṛ g[ā] ra mā ta pi śka nte ti nā ra nta pī [to] ///
b3/// wa sa ai tsi tā¯ ¯·ä [p]a ñä kte pe lai kne ā kṣa ///
b4/// [wa] ·[e] – m· gā /// /// – – • ce wä [n]· ///


a1/// nt· – – – – /// /// p(o)kkāka ///
a2n1 /// – cce ayītär – – ks· lakle yamī-ne ///
a3/// – kaka reki west su weña pañäktentse ///
a4/// – – (pi)ś känte tinārä(nta) ///
b1/// waipecce pa(t) ///
b2/// – mṛgāramāta piś känte tināränta pīto ///
b3/// wasa aitsi tā(y) pañäkte pelaikne ākṣa ///
b4/// wa ·em(ṛ)gā(ramāta) /// /// – – • ce wän· ///


a1/// ... /// /// ... /// /// Invite! ///
a2/// if he (does not) give the possession, someone else would make pain to him ///
a3/// you say the word ... He said (the speech) of Buddha ///
a4/// five hundred denarius ///
b2/// ... the possession ... ///
b3/// (a certain woman) Mṛgāramātṛ ... the value of five hundred denarius ///
b4/// (she) gave ... to give to her. Buddha preached the law. ///
b5/// ... he gave it back to Mṛgāramātṛ. (By) this affair ///



After Ogihara 2009: 106, recto and verso have been reversed compared to IDP. Ogihara seems to suggest that this was a 5-lines manuscript, for which I see no evidence: it is possible, but certainly not necessary, that the far right of lines a1 and b4 preserve the upper and lower margin, respectively. If Ogihara is right, the string hole space should have covered lines 2-4 of 5.
According to Broomhead 1962: 302 "[w]ritten in small ductus, and clearly preserved, it is the middle of a four line manuscript".

Philological commentary

n1ks·: pace Ogihara 2009: 106, the vocalism is not visible; only -u is excluded.


Online access

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