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IOL Khot 21/11

Known as:IOL Khot 21/11; Kha. i.112: KT V, p. 144 (266)
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Collection:British Library (London)

Language and Script

Language:Khotanese; Sanskrit


a1/// lne || ā rya vaṃ śa ///
a2– lysū ña vū ysei ā [rru] ///
a3/// ṣāṃ dau ṣā nta ra skha li t· ///
a4/// cā sya bu ddha [sya] – ///
b1/// yu kta bo dhi sa tv· ///
b2/// lau dhā tu kū śä tä u – ///
b3/// [t]sa || sa rva sa tve ṣu || ///
b4/// vä na saṃ du ṣṭä vä tä ///


a1 /// lne ॥
āryavaṃśa ///
a2 (ba)lysūñavūysei ārru ///
a3 /// ṣāṃ dauṣāntaraskhalit· ///
a4 /// cāsya buddhasya – ///
b1 /// yukta-bodhisatv· ///
b2 /// lau dhātu kūśätä u – ///
b3 /// tsa ॥ sarvasatveṣu ॥ ///
b4 /// vänan1 saṃduṣṭä vätä ///


a1 (Skt.) (Skjærvø 2013)
a2 “... the bodhi-seeker a *transgression ...” (Skjærvø 2013)
a3 (Skt.) (Skjærvø 2013)
b2 “... seeks the ... Law and ...” (Skjærvø 2013)
b3 “... together with (?) ...” (Skt.) (Skjærvø 2013)
b4 “... was satisfied by ...” (Skjærvø 2013)


Philological commentary

The same ms. as Kha. i.110 (above), i.131a1 (IOL Khot 22/6).
n1 B.: väta.



Skjærvø 2013


Skjærvø 2013: a1, a2, a3, b2, b3, b4


Skjærvø 2013

Skjærvø, Prods Oktor. 2013. “Khotanese Manuscripts from Chinese Turkestan in the British Library.” International Dunhuang Project.